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Top 5 Helpful Tips for New Truck Drivers

Top 5 Safety Driving Tips for Truck Drivers


Top 5 Helpful Tips for New Truck Drivers


It was the middle of the night and you suddenly found yourself falling asleep. Sounds too dangerous, right? Then you find yourself catching a deep breath after a gruelling day.

These are probably just a few things that new truck drivers are experiencing. The road to becoming a professional truck driver is a challenging one. As a beginner, you are thinking if this new found driving career will fit your lifestyle.

There are a lot of safety driving tips that are available online. Driving School Gold Coast will share with you the benefits of being a competent truck driver. But as a newbie, do you know the things that you should do to prepare yourself with this kind of job?

Worry no more as our truck driving school Qld compiled several useful tips for new truckers:

  1.  Fuel Consumption Tips 

    Burleigh Driver Training School suggests reducing your driving speed. Aside from possible vehicle accident that over speeding brings, increasing your driving speed can result to a more fuel consumption. Make sure that you maintain a consistent driving speed, not too fast but not too slow. Stay away from quick accelerations.

    Pay full attention when loading a cargo. When the height of the load is high, expect that it has a more pull place on the truck vehicle and it will consume a lot of energy.

    Another tip is to plan your trip or delivery ahead to avoid heavy traffic. This traffic congestion can heat up your vehicle and may cause engine problem.

    2. Vehicle Collision Preparedness Tips

    Highway construction zones and narrow bridges are the major areas of concern for new truckers. When you are about to enter a work zone, usually you will see this with a construction signage. Adjusting your mirrors can really help you a lot. Leave a plenty of space to manoeuvre your vehicle and be vigilant to blind spots.

    Another thing to ensure your safety is by wearing a seatbelt. If an accident happens, your seat belt will keep you from being ejected and it can definitely control the force of the truck.

    3. Good Health Driving Tips

    Maintaining a good posture is essential for truck drivers. Regular exercise can vastly improve your ability to carry heavy products. Recently, our truck driver training school listed the importance of having an exercise. A 10 to 15-minute walk can increase your energy level and can promote good blood circulation.

    Packing your own food is a great way to keep you healthy and safe. Before you do the driving, prepare a healthy delicious meal like an oatmeal, a banana, and a fresh milk. High-fibre foods can help you stay awake longer when driving. Plus, it will save you from spending too much.

    4. Finding a Job Tips

    As a new driver, perhaps your next path is to look for a driving job. To find your dream job easily, consider getting a truck licence training from any legit driving school gold coast, QLD and NSW. Many trucking companies are looking for truck drivers who obtained various driving lessons and practical driver training.

    Take time to research for some job portals and recruitment agencies. Online job advertisements allow truck drivers to search for great job opportunities.

    5. Safety Vehicle Tips

    Before going out on the road, conduct a pre-vehicle inspection to check if there is any engine problem that may cause a delay on your delivery. Safety should be the first major concern of trucking industries especially to newly hired truck drivers. When you are about to do the loading, review the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report from the most recent day of delivery. Inspect the windshield wipers, breaks, mirrors, horn, tires, oil levels, fuel levels and reflectors to ensure that you are secured in case of emergency. If you found any problems, you should report it first to the dispatchers before heading on the road. Maintain a safe following distance from the vehicles in front of you. Large trucks need more time to manoeuvre and stop.

    So now there is nothing to worry about your driving. Keep these helpful tips in mind especially in the first couple of months of driving.

    Learn it. Live it. Love it!


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