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Brisbane Driving School: Importance of Wearing a Seat Belt

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Brisbane Driving School: Buckle Up Someone is Waiting For You

5 minutes on the clock just before you reach your destination, when suddenly, something came up which caused you to brake so hard. You found yourself thrown out of the driver’s seat. See what difference wearing a seatbelt can do?

When ask how often do you wear your seat belt whilst driving on the road, perhaps some of you will say ‘Sometimes’, ‘Not Too Much’ or ‘When there is a police officer’.

Truck drivers usually spend long hours on the road which results in a higher risk of a road accident. Aside from sleep deprivation, not wearing a seat belt can really put you in danger. Truck drivers are considered as one of the most protected motorists because they are surrounded by a truck frame and metal shields. But it’s not an excuse for not wearing seat belts.

According to the Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland), wearing a seat belt can increase the chances of surviving truck accidents by up to 50%. Not everyone is expected to abide road regulations and traffic sign, that’s why safety precautions must come first.

So how important is your seat belt?

Our Brisbane Driving School listed several reasons why you should wear your seat belts:


  • Ensure your Safety

    –  It will prevent you from hitting the windshield

    –  It will prevent you from being thrown out when you make a sudden stop

    –  It will prevent you from being thrown out of the driver’s seat when an unexpected accident happens-  It will prevent you from banging around the vehicle and hitting the windows, door, or steering wheel

    –  It will prevent facial and head injuries

    –  Our Brisbane Driving School suggests wearing your seat belts at all times whether you are going for a delivery, or just having a short trip.

  • The Best Defence

    – Wearing seat belts are known to offer the best defence against these:

    Drunk Drivers, Impaired Drivers, Distracted Drivers, Road Hazards, and Tailgaters-   Our Brisbane Driving School recommends looking for a seat belt with a best fit.

  • It’s the Law

    –  Not wearing a seat belt is against the law. Once caught driving without a seat belt, you will be penalized with a petty crime and loss of demerit points.

  • Zero or Less Injury 

     –  According to the NSW Centre for Road Safety, wearing a seat belt will reduce the risk of having a serious head injury. These airbags are designed to make sure that you will stay in place when an unwanted accident happens. It also strikes your upper chest.

  • Protects your Loved Ones

    –  It will be painful and heart-breaking for you when you see a family member suffers from a devastating accident because of not wearing a seat belt. Do not include yourself in the next statistic.

    Buckle Up, Mate! Someone is waiting for you!

    Burleigh Driver Training School says: Seat with Belt and Veer with Death

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