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Can I park my Truck in my Street?

Can I park on my street?

Most council areas have laws meaning it could be illegal to park on your street overnight.

Heavy or long vehicles such as a trucks, caravans, trailers, boat or buses must not stop on a length of road in a built up area for longer than one hour.

Long vehicle means a vehicle that, together with any load or projection, is 7.5 metres long or longer.

Heavy vehicle means a vehicle with a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) of 4.5 tonne or more. That means most vehicles cannot park on built up streets in the Gold Coast council area. Call us for more details.


Ben Atkinson is a professional driver trainer and owner of Burleigh Driver Training School. A 4 time APRC Champion CO Driver 2006-2009. He is providing over 400 driving tests per year. He is a passionate guy who wants to help people learn new skills, be the best driver that they can be, and achieve their goals in life.
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