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Top 5 Helpful Tips for New Truck Drivers

Top 5 Safety Driving Tips for Truck Drivers


Top 5 Helpful Tips for New Truck Drivers


It was the middle of the night and you suddenly found yourself falling asleep. Sounds too dangerous, right? Then you find yourself catching a deep breath after a gruelling day.

These are probably just a few things that new truck drivers are experiencing. The road to becoming a professional truck driver is a challenging one. As a beginner, you are thinking if this new found driving career will fit your lifestyle.

There are a lot of safety driving tips that are available online. Driving School Gold Coast will share with you the benefits of being a competent truck driver. But as a newbie, do you know the things that you should do to prepare yourself with this kind of job?

Worry no more as our truck driving school Qld compiled several useful tips for new truckers:

  1.  Fuel Consumption Tips 

    Burleigh Driver Training School suggests reducing your driving speed. Aside from possible vehicle accident that over speeding brings, increasing your driving speed can result to a more fuel consumption. Make sure that you maintain a consistent driving speed, not too fast but not too slow. Stay away from quick accelerations.

    Pay full attention when loading a cargo. When the height of the load is high, expect that it has a more pull place on the truck vehicle and it will consume a lot of energy.

    Another tip is to plan your trip or delivery ahead to avoid heavy traffic. This traffic congestion can heat up your vehicle and may cause engine problem.

    2. Vehicle Collision Preparedness Tips

    Highway construction zones and narrow bridges are the major areas of concern for new truckers. When you are about to enter a work zone, usually you will see this with a construction signage. Adjusting your mirrors can really help you a lot. Leave a plenty of space to manoeuvre your vehicle and be vigilant to blind spots.

    Another thing to ensure your safety is by wearing a seatbelt. If an accident happens, your seat belt will keep you from being ejected and it can definitely control the force of the truck.

    3. Good Health Driving Tips

    Maintaining a good posture is essential for truck drivers. Regular exercise can vastly improve your ability to carry heavy products. Recently, our truck driver training school listed the importance of having an exercise. A 10 to 15-minute walk can increase your energy level and can promote good blood circulation.

    Packing your own food is a great way to keep you healthy and safe. Before you do the driving, prepare a healthy delicious meal like an oatmeal, a banana, and a fresh milk. High-fibre foods can help you stay awake longer when driving. Plus, it will save you from spending too much.

    4. Finding a Job Tips

    As a new driver, perhaps your next path is to look for a driving job. To find your dream job easily, consider getting a truck licence training from any legit driving school gold coast, QLD and NSW. Many trucking companies are looking for truck drivers who obtained various driving lessons and practical driver training.

    Take time to research for some job portals and recruitment agencies. Online job advertisements allow truck drivers to search for great job opportunities.

    5. Safety Vehicle Tips

    Before going out on the road, conduct a pre-vehicle inspection to check if there is any engine problem that may cause a delay on your delivery. Safety should be the first major concern of trucking industries especially to newly hired truck drivers. When you are about to do the loading, review the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report from the most recent day of delivery. Inspect the windshield wipers, breaks, mirrors, horn, tires, oil levels, fuel levels and reflectors to ensure that you are secured in case of emergency. If you found any problems, you should report it first to the dispatchers before heading on the road. Maintain a safe following distance from the vehicles in front of you. Large trucks need more time to manoeuvre and stop.

    So now there is nothing to worry about your driving. Keep these helpful tips in mind especially in the first couple of months of driving.

    Learn it. Live it. Love it!


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Truck Driver Training: 5 Winter Road Hazards

Truck Driver Training School on QLD listed 5 Winter Road Hazards


Truck Driver Training: 5 Winter Road Hazards

Are you ready to take the challenge when driving on a winter weather?

Perhaps many of you have read some tips on how to drive safely during a winter season. Our truck driver training school previously listed numerous tips that can help you ease the fear of driving during this season.

But the question is, do you know what the road hazards are during rainy days?

Winter driving presents several challenges to all the truck drivers. It will put you in a risky situation that requires you to be decisive and determined. Since the weather is cold by this time, there are many winter-related illnesses that can affect your driving. It could be a flu, a cold, or a sore throat. That’s why it’s very important that you prepare yourself before driving on a rainy day.

To prevent any road accidents or vehicle collision, you must know some of the potential road hazards that you may encounter.

Burleigh Truck Driver Training School listed 5 dangers that you’ll likely to encounter during a rainy season:


  1. Vehicles Stalled on the Road

    Some drivers may need to relinquish their respective vehicles due to a heavy rain or a flood. This happens when trucks do not have winter tires that are installed in their vehicle for better traction. You have to stay alert and be vigilant at all times. These parked vehicles along the highway can cause damage to your lives. They may be too stiff and you don’t have enough space if you want to do some parking. Thus, it may lead to serious car crashes.

  2. Fallen Trees Along the Highway

    Fallen trees and wooden debris can be very dangerous. Branches and trees can tumble over into the road. Large woody debris can spread out across the highway making it unsafe for the drivers. Our truck driver training school suggests to never attempt to drive straight over fallen trees or debris, as these hard wooden materials can really damage your tires. Instead, turn your vehicle around and look for a safe place where you can stay or relax.

  3. Heavy Rain

    The massive amount of raindrop can lose worker productivity and efficiency. Due to a heavy rain, truck drivers may not be able to deliver their goods on time. Rain makes your headlights and mirrors foggy and unclear. It impairs your vision of the road and you will have a hard time seeing the vehicles around you.

  4.  Floods on the Road

    Floods can occur after a heavy rain and it is considered as one of the road hazards. Driving in a flooded area is hazardous. The rising water can enter your truck vehicle causing it to slip or flip. Many driving school gold coast advise to check the climate first by watching a weather forecast. If the flood is above six inches of standing water do not attempt to drive as your vehicle can be trapped or it may float. One thing that you can do is to watch other vehicles pass to see how deep the flood is.

  5. Pothole

    A pothole is a result of moisture that gets into road cracks. Pothole expands when fluid, such as water, goes into it. This can really cause damage to you tires. Your wheels can also buckle and crack. Since pothole presence is not obvious, keeping your eyes peeled can work to your advantage. Burleigh Truck Driver Training School recommends watching your driving speed specifically in weather like this. Leave plenty of space between your truck and other vehicles in front of you to see pothole hazards in advance.

    Wet roads can be extremely unsafe which can cause drivers to lose their control. By simply taking all of these road hazards into consideration, driving in a winter weather won’t be a problem anymore.

    Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dolespics/

Truck Driving School Qld Tips: How to Drive in Winter Weather

Truck Driving School QLD Tips on How to Drive Safely During Winter Season


Truck Driving School Qld Tips: How to Drive in Winter Weather

Perhaps many of you will agree when we say that winter season is indeed one of the most challenging times to drive. It requires utmost care and preparation to keep you safe from any distraction or accident. The inclement weather and reduced road visibility are some of the factors that can make your driving very tough.

There are a lot of reasons why winter driving is considered to be a difficult time to drive. It might cause a delay in your delivery because of the winter storm.  For some, the ice and snow are nothing but hassle. There’s no enough sunlight that makes the road more dangerous. Truck drivers can also get cough and colds because of the weather.

Regardless of the weather conditions, it is very important that you drive safely. As a responsible driver, you should prepare yourself first before driving in a winter weather.

Burleigh Driver Training School listed numerous tips on how you can drive safely in a winter season:


  1. Be Prepared and Bring an Emergency Kit with You

    It is essential that you always bring an emergency kit with you. This may include the following; a brush or a snow shovel, a basic tool kit like a plier, a snow scraper, a screwdriver or a wrench. This can help you in fixing minor vehicle problem. It may also contain items that can keep you warm such as gloves, hats, jackets, and extra clothes. Bring extra flashlight that can help in turning nights into day. Always have your mobiles phones with you so when unnecessary things happen you can easily contact a family member or perhaps a friend.

  2. Make Sure that your Tires are in Good Condition

    Make sure that your tires are inflated properly as they are your main weapon on the road. If your tires are underinflated, it can lessen the fuel mileage. Inspect your tire pressure at least once a month. Cold weather condition can decrease the tire pressure of your vehicle. Check your tires for tread depth because it’s a significant factor when driving in a rainy season.

  3. Slow Down by Reducing your Vehicle Speed

    Invariably in a winter condition, road tends to get wet and icy easily. There’s a big chance that your tires can lose their grip. Thus, it can affect your driving performance like in accelerating, braking, and turning your vehicle. Keeping a lower speed can give you enough time to react to possible danger or collision. Many truck driving school qld emphasized the importance of three-second vehicle rule. Maintain a safe following distance and slow down.

  4. Make Sure that your Windshield Wipers are Clean

    During rainy season, your windshield wipers can be exposed to heavy rain and normally gets dim. If you had your truck licence training before, a truck driving school qld discussed the importance of your windshield. It should be clean and clear to have a full view of your surroundings. To keep it neat and spotless, use a dampened soft cloth to wipe the blades and remove its dirt. Bring an auto glass cleaner with you and a piece of clean rag and gently rub it on the windshield wipers.

  5. Make Sure to Turn your Headlights On

    Since the visibility at this time is poor, you must turn your headlights on for other vehicles to see you. This way, you will be able to see what’s happening in front of you. Many states require drivers to turn their headlights on during this kind of a weather.

    Even if you possess a lot of driving skills, there are still some weather conditions that can’t be avoided. Following these tips from our truck driving school qld can make your driving more fun and exciting.

    Are you ready for your next travel?

    Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dharder9475/


Truck Driving School QLD says ‘Thank you’ to Truck Drivers

Truck Driving School QLD says ‘Thank you’ to Truck Drivers


Truck Driving School QLD says ‘Thank you’ to Truck Drivers

Have you ever wondered how the food and goods in malls or supermarkets reached your favourite shopping places?

Did it come to your mind what are the challenges that these drivers overcome just to bring the products for you?

Every time you see large vehicles on the road, did you think of what are the sacrifices of these drivers just to deliver your daily commodities?

These simple questions are the ones that we tend to forget. We missed the chance of saying thank you and we forget how grateful we are for making our lives easier. Drivers send our children to school with care and love. We are so fortunate that we have them.

A Truck Driving School QLD, listed several reasons why we should be thankful for truck drivers:


  1. Truckers Work Away from their Families

    Truck Drivers spend long hours on the road. They work on a holiday and miss the bond with their families. Driving alone at night is something that we should admire. It’s a huge sacrifice for them knowing that they work far from the office and their loved ones. Burleigh Driver Training School wants to thank all the drivers out there.

  2. Truckers Care About Your Safety

    Professional truck drivers are well-trained and have obtained the correct type of licence before they do the driving. Trucking companies send their respective drivers in a qualified driving school to learn various driving techniques. This will help them to fully understand different road rules and regulations. Truckers are also known in helping other people especially when unnecessary damage happens to their vehicle. They know how to operate diverse kinds of trucks.

    A Truck Driving School Qld also teaches students on how to avoid road hazards so people who are oblivious to road dangers can benefit from this. They become knowledgeable in keeping the safety of their passengers and the people they share the road with.

  3. They Support the Economic Growth

    One of the main responsibilities of truck drivers is to deliver raw materials to manufacturing companies. These companies utilise the materials in processing sustainable products which the consumers will benefit from. It is often called as commercialised products. Consumers, in turn, patronise these manufactured commodities for their daily living. The tax involved in this process is used by the government in funding community projects such as roads, bridges, and infrastructures. A job, such as truck driving, is a significant factor in the foundation of this whole process. This is an avenue to maintain the economic stability of the community to achieve economic growth. Its impact may not be so obvious but the foundation where it was built from affects the overall stability of the economy.

  4.  Truck Drivers are Reliable

    Many Industries depend on their drivers to deliver the goods safely and maintain its quality. In short, they are dependable. They are responsible enough to handle the products with care. They play a major role in transferring raw materials and eventually turn this into a commercial product.

    Truckers also help the people in the community when moving home. They make sure that all of the equipment and furniture are properly transferred. They know what type of vehicle will be used. These drivers have a legit licence to avoid any penalties that can cause a delay on your moving. Usually, they owned a Medium Rigid Truck Licence or a Heavy Rigid Truck Licence.

  5.  They Make Our Lives Easier

    Truckers help in building homes, highways, and constructions. Houses are made from the materials they supplied and tools that they operate. People enjoy the benefits of this process through the highways and roads. Heavy traffic steals your time so having a good road system can save you a lot of time and prevent you from being stressed. This constant system of supply and demand strengthens the economic stability both on a community and national level.We also have to say thank you to a Truck Driving School Qld or NSW for they are the ones who honed the talents and skills of these amazing drivers!

    Thanks for caring about our safety and for providing our daily needs.

    Burleigh Driver Training School looks forward to seeing you grow and become successful.




Driving School Gold Coast: Tips to Drive Safely in School Zones

Driving School Gold Coast: Tips How to Drive in\\Safely in School Zones


Driving School Gold Coast: Tips to Drive Safely in School Zones


School Zone is one the busiest places that you will see on the road. There are thousands of students that travel every day. Kids tend to be reckless making it more difficult to drive.

Most of the children are in a hurry especially when dismissal time comes. You can see them running everywhere, playing with their classmates, or being careless with the vehicles passing by. Some students are using their mobile phones which steals their focus. These said circumstances can affect the driver’s ability to perform his duty well.

School zones are designed to keep kids safe as they arrive at and leave school, but these zones tend to pose a risk for pedestrians and motorists alike. Bus drivers, in particular, might cause injuries to the children crossing the street, who, more often than not, are oblivious to the dangers on the road.

As a driver, one must understand different traffic laws and road signs. Incidents may happen if you do not follow safety driving precautions. Many schools send their respective drivers to a professional driving organization like a driving school Gold Coast to obtain the right skills. They make sure that they have the correct type of licence to prevent any bad driving record. A Medium Rigid Truck Licence is desirable for school run vehicles.

Burleigh Driver Training School listed helpful tips when driving in school zones:


  1. Reduce Your Driving Speed

    The warning sign that you often see when you’re about to pass a school zone tells you to lessen your speed limit. Signage is displayed to show drivers of what particular time does the speed limit applies. Driving speed varies from one school to another. Usually, its 40km/h on street where the current limit is 50km/h, 60km/h or 70km/h. Maintaining a low speed is important to see if there are kids crossing the highway. It also allows you to brake easily each time you see a road hazard.

  2. Avoid Any Distraction

    Driving in crowded places requires drastic focus and extreme effort. Always give your full attention to driving. Texting while driving can do a lot of damage to your lives. Avoid any distractions by turning your mobile phones off. Distracted driving is a risky move. You can miss out a road sign preceding the school zone. As a bus driver, it will be costly for you if you hit another vehicle or destruct any property. You don’t want your company to shoulder all the expenses as it will give a bad impact to the industry. Scan the road by using your rear-view and side view-mirrors.

  3. Expect a Heavy Traffic Around School Zones

    A heavy traffic usually occurs between seven to nine in the morning and two to four in the afternoon. Parents are sending their kids as early as seven am and picking them up at around two or four pm. You will see numerous car vehicle parking down the street. Be vigilant and drive slowly to keep parents and their children safe.

    For truck drivers, it might cause a delay in their delivery. A hefty traffic can add to the travel time in transferring goods. Thus, making them less productive. Make an advance time travel forecast to avoid unnecessary complications.

  4. Be Aware of Cyclist

    Watch for a cyclist or a kid riding a bicycle who are often inexperienced and careless. You typically see them on the side walk in areas near the school. To avoid any collision, maintain a correct vehicle spacing. A driving school gold coast, commonly suggests the three-second following distance to be fully aware of your surroundings. This will give you enough time to react when a vehicle stops in front of you.

  5. Obey Traffic Laws

    In many states, violating traffic laws within school zones brings severe fines. A penalty notice will be issued to you once you caught over speeding. Your current licence will be confiscated if you break these road rules. In some cases, if you’re planning to upgrade your licence into a Medium Rigid Truck Licence or a Heavy Rigid Truck Licence, having this bad record will not work to your advantage.

    One of the things that you can do is to have a truck licence training from a Driving School Gold Coast, Qld, or NSW. Having driving lessons will help you understand the importance of traffic rules and regulations. That way, you will become a responsible and more matured driver.

    Following these tips will ensure the safety of your passengers and the people you share the road with. Slow down, pay attention, and you can save lives.


    Photo credits to: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vylen/


Burleigh Driver Training School: 5 Tips How to Reduce Driving Anxiety

Burleigh Driver Training School: Tips How To Fight Driving Anxiety

5 Tips How to Reduce Driving Anxiety


Do you feel nervous every time you get inside the car?

For some people, driving a vehicle could be a terrible experience. They feel anxious that something bad can happen. It’s a psychological condition which often called as panic attack.

A panic attack is when someone experience too much anxiety and their body can’t function well and loses composure. They are afraid to drive in an open space and they tend to lose control. Drivers may also feel that they are causing harm to other people, that’s why they quit driving.

For some people who have been driving for many years, a panic attack can also happen. A good driving experience can easily be erased because of a bad incident. The awful experience is causing the subconscious mind to react and feel panic. When these things happen, it could lead to a more serious condition called driving anxiety.

There are some instances in which driving anxiety is caused by having a strict driving instructor or a terrifying training experience. In obtaining your truck licence, choosing the right driving school is essential to acquire skills not just another source of anxiety.

Burleigh Driver Training School listed some tips on how to overcome fear of driving:


  1. Avoid Being Stressed

    Panic attacks are more likely to happen when you’re stressed. It causes fatigue, anxiety and lack of concentration. It promotes poor decision-making because you can’t think logically which is very important when driving.

  1. Stay Calm and Relax

    Whether the truck is moving or not, you should feel secure and comfortable. Wearing cozy shirts and shoes will help you feel more relaxed. Go inside the truck and try to calm yourself before driving. This is a good practice to prevent panic from rising.

  1. Drive with a Friend or a Relative

    Driving with someone can relieve the sense of fear. A friend can be your supporter and a family member can give you some encouragement. Since panic attack is more of a mental thing, it is important that you have someone who can give you comfort and ease your tension. This can help you feel more secure. A friend can also tell you when you’re not doing the right thing.

  1. Seek for a Doctor’s Advice

    If your fear is causing you too much distraction, Burleigh Driver Training School suggests that you should ask for a professional’s advice. They can give you recommendations like attending a regular session with a counselor.

  1. Consider a Professional Driving School

    If you’re unsure of your driving abilities, you can look for a qualified driving school. This accredited driver trainer will help anxious driver to better understand the essence of driving. They will give you classroom lessons, moral support and one-on-one training in safe places to cut out your fear.

To wrap it out, driving anxiety is manageable. Don’t think that this kind of condition will kill you. It just depends on how you react to the situation. Having a positive mindset and following these helpful tips can help you escape the fear of driving.

Burleigh Driver Training School cares about your safety. Be optimistic and stay healthy!


Photo Credits to: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nidhug/



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