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Driving School Tips: How to Drive Safely at Night

Driving School: 8 Tips How to Drive Safely at Night


Driving School Tips: How to Drive Safely at Night


Driving at night brings various challenges for truck drivers. It’s the most difficult and dangerous time to drive. One of the obvious reasons will be the reduced visibility. Often you see vehicles driving with not head lights on making them hard to see. There are also more reckless drivers at night who may be under the influence of alcohol or fatigued.

Since vision is sorely limited at night, there’s a greater chance that road accidents will happen. Your peripheral vision is affected and the ability to distinguish colour is destructive. You may also feel tired and exhausted because of the long hours spent on the road. All of these factors make driving at night riskier.

According to the National Safety Council even if your headlights are on the high-beam, your visibility is limited to 150 meters and 75 meters for the normal headlights. Making it hard for you to react when something happens while on the road.

There are some drivers who cannot avoid driving at night. Truck drivers often work at night with night time deliveries. Some professionals tend to go home night time due to business meetings and seminars.

Burleigh Driver Training School works closely with their students to ensure their safety. This driving school provides useful information and practical driving tips. This will prepare you to become an effective and responsible truck driver.

Here are some helpful tips from our driving school to keep you safe on the road even at night:


  1. Be Alert to Turn Your Lights On 

    Before you start driving, make sure that your external headlights are working properly. Check them beforehand. Defective headlights can cause numerous inconvenience to drivers. You won’t be able to see what’s going on around you. When you’re in a dark area, it’s hard for you to perceive distance. It can also be a cause of accidents because some drivers won’t be able to see you.

  2. Don’t Over Speed

    Compared to daytime driving, night driving requires a slower speed. It’s because the visibility is lesser at this time. There are a lot of campaigns from different driving school that outlines the disadvantages of over speeding. It takes time for you to react to some road hazards like a pothole, animals, or pedestrians. Since this is out of your control, the best thing that you can do is to simply drive slower. This will give you enough time to respond to any problems that may come along the way.

  3. Keep Your Headlights, Mirrors, and Windows Clean

    If you had a training before from an accredited driving school, you already know that mirrors and headlights are two of the most important things that you have in the vehicle. They serve as your lifeline when driving at night. If your mirrors and windows are not clean, your vision will be obstructed. Make sure to clean them by using a lint soft rag or a sponge. Then, spray a good amount of water with your favourite brand detergent. If you have dim headlights, get a clean rag and rub it gently on the headlights. This is to keep the glaze and brightness of your vehicle parts. Keeping all of these neat will give you a smooth-moving driving experience especially at night.

  4. Let Your Eyes Keep on Moving

    Vehicle spacing can be a major problem when driving at night. Look outside the truck and scan the number of vehicles around you. Don’t focus on one thing. Instead, keep your eyes busy by looking for possible hazards. This will let your eyes keep on moving. It can also prevent you from eye fatigue.

  5. Talk to Your Colleague to Stay Awake

    If you mastered all the basics of driving, the experience can really be fun, exciting, and relaxing. Imagine you’re breathing fresh air at night. This will make you feel more relax. For an instance, if you have someone inside the truck, try to start a light conversation to prevent you from being drowsy.

  6. Use Your Internal and External Mirrors

    Mirrors can help you a lot during night time. You can use your rear view mirrors to check and see what’s happening behind you. You can scan the whole picture on your back.  While external mirrors are used to check if there’s a vehicle behind you. These mirrors give a compressed view so you can easily adjust in any road condition. Use these to your advantage.

  7. Avoid Drinking Alcohol

    Driving at night requires focus and alertness. In the previous article, our driving school tackles about the disadvantages of drunk driving. This shows how drunk driving can cause damage to people’s lives. Drunk drivers don’t have the ability to make quick decisions.

    There are a lot of penalties when you’re driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). You may find it hard to upgrade your current truck licence because of suspension.

  8. Learning From the Professional Instructor

    Getting a service from a qualified driving school will give you an assurance that you’re driving the safe way. There are many driving lessons associated with a driving school. They will teach you several driving techniques that you can do when travelling at night. You will learn how to use mirrors, turn signals, and lane changing strategies. Proper vehicle spacing is also one of the things that you will learn.

    Driving at night needs extra caution. It’s the most common danger being encountered by drivers. Night driving conditions can be a real challenge, but with the tips provided, you can ensure that you remain safe and sound.

    Photo Credits to: https://www.flickr.com/photos/stopherjones/


5 Tips on How to Get Hired as a Truck Driver


How to Get Job Easily, Truck Driver


5 Tips on How to Get Hired as a Truck Driver


Do you know some of the things you need to consider in getting your dream job?

If you’re a newbie in the truck driving industry you may find it difficult to get hired easily. Attending your interview may seem to be daunting and intimidating. But once you’ve understood some of the things that you need to consider as a truck driver, there’s a vast of truck driving opportunities that are waiting for you.

The previous article tackles the benefits of becoming a truck driver. But before taking the next step in your truck driving career, you need to equip yourself with competitive skills, knowledge, and features to look more attractive to the trucking industry.

Burleigh Driver Training School listed some of the tips how to get your dream driving job:

1. Truck Licence Training from A Driving School

If you’re looking for a career as a truck driver, the first thing that you need to consider is to have a driving lesson with a competent and a well-skilled instructor from a qualified driving school. These instructors will provide you both classroom lesson and a real practical training. They will help you identify the correct driving program that will best fit your qualifications. For example, you need to upgrade your current Medium Rigid Licence to a Heavy Rigid Licence, instructors will give you one-on-one driving exercise so that you can drive a truck or a bus with more than 8 tonne GVM with a minimum of 3 axles. This will then open a bigger opportunity for you.

A classroom training will also help you pass the written examinations. Most trucking companies are looking for applicants who has a formal training and knows how to operate various trucks properly.

2. Good Driving Background

Many truck industries are conducting background check prior to the driver’s employment. One of the most common background investigation is checking if there’s a criminal case or illegal charge against the applicant. These companies would like to ensure if these prospect drivers has a clean profile and abiding the road rules set by the law. Make sure you have a decent driving record.

3. Stay in Shape and be Fit

As a truck driver, you are required to be physically fit and healthy for you to perform your duty well. If you maintain being fit and in shape, it can be more attractive to a lot of employer. The results of being fit are; you can drive a truck safely and can perform the role at any time of the day 24/7.  Remembering that being a driver is not easy, it requires good strength to carry loads of a vehicle.

4. Good Medical Record

Trucking companies ensure that all of their employees are physically fit and have a healthy body condition. They used medical records to see if the applicant has a previous disease that may affect his working performance. Applicants are asked to take a medical examination from a professional medical practitioner. This will determine if an applicant is fit to drive.

5. Come Prepared in the Job Interview

When looking for a job, it is very important that you come prepared in the job interview. The more confident and prepared you are, the more chances of getting a winning interview.

For example, there are numerous techniques to impress the interviewer. One of these is to research the company’s background. This will give them an impression that you are really interested in joining their company. Another one is, review some interview questions. This is to show them that you’re sincere and you really know what you’re saying. Dressing properly and punctuality is also one of the winning piece when it comes to a job interview. You’re giving the employer the impression of being a professional and the eagerness to get a position.

Getting your dream job won’t be so tough if you equipped yourself with enough strategies to impress the employer. Following these tips can help boost your self-esteem and outshine other aspiring applicants.

The best of luck to your future driving endeavour!




Photo Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mytudut/

6 Benefits of Being a Professional Truck Driver

Perks of Being a Truck Driver, MR Licence

6 Benefits of Being a Professional Truck Driver


Many businesses nowadays depend on their truck drivers to deliver goods safely. They make sure that products are being delivered on time and maintain quality. They are the middlemen between the company, retailers and its customers.

Truck drivers have an important duty in the economy. By delivering raw materials to various manufacturing industries, companies can start producing and exporting their products to respective distributors through a trucks. It’s a continuous process that helps a country increase its finances by earning out of the local market.

Once an individual has decided to become a professional truck driver, some industries require them to undergo training at an accredited driving school. They will not only teach you the basics in driving, but will also help you identify the right licence for you. If you are a current Light Rigid Licence, (LR Licence) or a Medium Rigid Licence (MR Licence) holder professional instructors will have a better view if you’re ready to face a more competitive and challenging working environment.

Driving jobs are consistently growing within areas of Australia.  Offering a wide variety of driving opportunities, especially in the transport industry. If you’re thinking of a career change now or maybe in the future, there are numerous advantages of being a truck driver.

Burleigh Driver Training listed some of the benefits of being a professional truck driver:

1. Good Pay

If you’re just starting a career as a truck driver, your class licence will dictate how much salary you will be getting. Initial pay of $35,000 can be expected for beginners. Just make sure that you have obtained the right licence for the type of job you’re applying. It may be an Light Rigid Licence, or Medium Rigid Licence. For those drivers who have several years experience, they can expect a higher income up to $55,000.

2. Flexible Working Hours

One of the advantages of being a truck driver is they have the opportunity to attend family reunions, personal commitments and other individual obligations. They can start working early in the morning or work late as some companies allow employees to have a flexible working schedule as long as their work is not being compromised.

3. Seeing Beautiful Scenery

Travel with pay. One of the perks of being a driver is the chance to see the beauty of the nature. Fascinating view, eye-catching scenery, and breathe fresh air. This can give them a sense of relief.

4. Job Flexibility and Security

If you’re moving frequently, truck driving jobs allow you to work both interstate and intrastate. You can also choose what type of vehicle and truck you want to drive. It can also provide job security because of the high demand for drivers. A lot of companies need drivers for their continuous production and delivery.

5. Great Benefits

Most companies offer employees good benefits.  Big companies provide bonuses and other compensation as a reward for employees who excelled in their particular job.

6. Training Programs for Employees Growth

One of the greatest advantage of becoming a truck driver is the continuous learning. It is important for a driver to have a classroom lessons with a professional instructor. This can help them refresh their mind with different road signs, and government policies. Some business owners send their employees to a professional and qualified driving school to upgrade their skills, knowledge and the current licence they have. It gives an employee a chance for a promotion and go far with his driving career.

There are numerous driving jobs offering a competitive salary and benefits with a promise of a long-term growth and a career development. Like any other course, driving career has its own pros and cons. Just make sure you weigh in all of these factors.


Burleigh Driver Training School is wishing you the best of luck to your future driving career!

Getting Through Your First Year As a Truck Driver

Getting Through Your First Year As a Truck Driver

Congratulations on completing your truck licence! Now you are fully qualified to be on the road, it’s time you got use to driving solo. This short article will let you know what to expect during your first year as a professional truck driver and how to handle the coming exciting times ahead!

To start your career it’s important you collect as much experience on the road as possible. This means proving to future employees that you are confident and capable of driving local or regional the next year.

The goal of this first year is to stick it out with a company for a full year, collect kilometers under your belt and prove that you can commit to a company for at least one year. Then jobs will be knocking at your door.

Some of the best jobs to apply for your first year are for removalist or delivery companies where you can get experience on the road and prove you’re a safe and reliable driver. The first year will be the toughest because it’s where you will really learn about the lifestyle and learn to be independent and self manageable.

Because you’re a “rookie” there maybe some differences between the way you get treated and the more experienced drivers. Ensure you don’t get taken advantage of though, because some unethical work places might try that.

Before you start at any new business it’s important you know your rights as a truck driver, this will help you know whether you’ve been taken advantage of.

Learning to communicate with your dispatcher will probably be the hardest thing because truckers and dispatchers don’t understand each other’s jobs. If you come across issues with your dispatcher be sure you know the chain of command and who to talk to.

Some of the most common rookie mistakes will be running out of fuel, or running into a light pole. But don’t worry because even after years of experience some of us still do it! Its just part of the learning process.

Life as a solo truck driver will be tough at first because for some it can be lonely and for others it gives them a chance to be there own boss.

Some of the most stressful moments on the road will be managing your time well this takes practice and experience but it will get easier.

One of the biggest tips is to never get upset over little things, like when you’re given bad directions etc. You need to develop a good strength of character to deal with these issues calmly. Never loose your cool or your temper. Just focus on the solution, remember this.

Companies invest a lot of money training and recruiting drivers, therefore proving your commitment and loyalty is very important. It also means getting laid off isn’t easy in fact it’s extremely rare. According to the CSA2010 rules, experienced drivers who maintain a safe driving record will become quite valuable. So once you prove this, you’re set!

Some of the toughest things with driving a truck is you’ll need to get use to backing in and finding parking spots. You will come across some insane places at customer locations, so be prepared for this awkward situations. Not to mention, parking late at night also gets harder as there are even more restrictions.

There can be egos on the road between other truck drivers, and I wish I could say there was more of a brotherhood but I haven’t found there is. So be prepared of this kind of behaviour from other truck drivers.

Being your own boss and being in solitude while cursing down open roads listening to your favourite tunes, will be the best part of truck driving. Not answering to anybody and simply doing things your way is what makes this job fun.

Never get too confident because as soon as you think you’re getting the hang of things you will go in and make a stupid mistake. Learning to drive a truck will be some of the hardest things you do in life, so expect to make mistakes almost everyday. But the key is learning to deal with these situations well.

Many after the first year find that this isn’t the career for them, but other will love it and do it for many years to come.

Let this first year help you grow as a person and to discover whether this Career is the one for you, after a year of experience working in a small company graduate yourself by applying for bigger transport companies such as Linfox and Toll.

You would have proved your experience and that you can a dedicated to this lifestyle.

As a rookie the expected salary can be anywhere between $50,000-$80,000. Being fit will be an advantage to your comfort and your speed so keep this in mind.


Why You Should Upgrade from a HC or MC licence If You’re a Miner

Why You Should Upgrade from a HC or MC licence If You’re a Miner

With the mining industry shrinking there are going to be more job losses in the coming months, which means more ex-miners will be looking for jobs in the transport industry to replace their ones they lost.

What does this mean if you’re a miner?

It means if you have a HR licence and experience driving a heavy vehicle there will be a great chance of you getting a job in the road transporting industry.

So unless you’re comfortable with a dramatic cut in your current pay rates, then its essential that you up-skill before the industry collapses and you find yourself needed a job.

In order to come close to the salary you’re used to in the mines, you’ve got to look into long distance transport driving either a Semi or a Road Train/B-Double.

And the best part is that hiring mangers love ex-miners for these positions. Their hard working, used to working long shifts and being away from home doesn’t bother them.

You see most miners who hold a HR licence can simply upgrade to a HC or MC licence for better job opportunities.

When you add their experience with driving a heavy vehicle plus having a superiority licence they’re will be jobs lined up for you to apply for. As most big freight companies require experience as much as the right licence

So what kind of jobs can you expect from upgrading your licence to a HC and MC Licence?

With a HC licence you can get jobs in the road freight industry. This includes big name companies such as Toll, Linfox, TNT, DHL, Australia Post, and other various leaders in the business.

MC vehicle drivers will get much the same job opportunities but with more pay because of the skill and work required to drive one.

So if you’re one of the lucky ones who are safe with a job for another few months, don’t leave it to the last minute to upgrade your HC and MC licence, as there are more and more people applying for these positions each day.

Rather be ahead of the crowd and get your licence sooner than later, plus get some experience under your belt as well. This will set you up for a risk-free future as you want need to worry so much about when the next pay check will come in, if you get made redundant.

So if you know you don’t have too much time left as a miner, apply now for your HC and MC licence.


How To Get a Truck Driving Job

There is a great need for qualified truck drivers in Australia, and finding the right job is often a matter of knowing where to look. The salary and type of job you can get obviously depends on the truck licence you hold. If you do not already hold a truck licence, we recommend going straight to the HR licence at a minimum, as it will make you eligible for a lot more positions than a LR or MR licence. If you already have a truck licence, you might want to consider upgrading your licence to a higher class. Find out more information about the different truck licences here.



Restricted licences

It is not only the licence type you hold that can be a barrier to landing the job you want. The restrictions and conditions on the type of gearbox you can use can also be a major stumbling block to filling the advertised position. You will probably need fewer lessons to get your licence with an automatic gearbox (condition A), a synchromesh gearbox (condition B) or an un restricted licence (unconditional). But if your potential employer only has a vehicle with manual transmission, you will not be eligible for the position. When getting truck driving lessons, find out whether the truck driving school has trucks with a gearbox that prepares you for getting an unrestricted licence.

So now that you have the licence sorted, where do you find the positions?

Other requirements

Depending on the position, there might be some additional requirements relating to personal appearance. Basically if the position will be dealing with customer contact, it is important to maintain a clean and professional appearance with regards to clothing. A lot of truck driver jobs require a lot of manual handling, such as removalist positions and delivery positions, meaning that you need to be fit and ready to do some lifting and carrying. For some positions, you will also need to have a forklift licence, as loading and unloading is often performed with a forklift truck.

Advertised truck driving jobs

Not all truck driving jobs and positions are advertised, but it is a good place to start looking at employment portals such as Seek.com.au. When looking for positions, use a combination of searches such as your licence class i.e. MR licence, MR Driver, Truck Driver and so on.

Gumtree is another portal that is increasing in popularity for posting truck driver positions. You can use their internal search function to look for jobs using the same kind of keywords as in Seek.

The problem with advertised jobs, is that once the ads have been posted, you will be competing with a host of other applicants for the same positions. Luckily for you, there are a lot of non-advertised positions waiting for the right person to come along and express an interest.

Non-Advertised jobs

Some companies are more likely to look for qualified truck drivers than others. Most of these companies have up to date websites where they list their positions directly, or offer you to register your interest for upcoming positions. The following is a selection of companies that you can contact directly for job opportunities:

There are also a lot of companies to contact directly with regards to your preferred industry, such as haulage and mining truck jobs. We are currently working on creating a comprehensive resource for these kind of jobs.

Want a truck licence or a licence upgrade? Get yours here!