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Driving School Gold Coast: Tips to Drive Safely in School Zones

Driving School Gold Coast: Tips How to Drive in\\Safely in School Zones


Driving School Gold Coast: Tips to Drive Safely in School Zones


School Zone is one the busiest places that you will see on the road. There are thousands of students that travel every day. Kids tend to be reckless making it more difficult to drive.

Most of the children are in a hurry especially when dismissal time comes. You can see them running everywhere, playing with their classmates, or being careless with the vehicles passing by. Some students are using their mobile phones which steals their focus. These said circumstances can affect the driver’s ability to perform his duty well.

School zones are designed to keep kids safe as they arrive at and leave school, but these zones tend to pose a risk for pedestrians and motorists alike. Bus drivers, in particular, might cause injuries to the children crossing the street, who, more often than not, are oblivious to the dangers on the road.

As a driver, one must understand different traffic laws and road signs. Incidents may happen if you do not follow safety driving precautions. Many schools send their respective drivers to a professional driving organization like a driving school Gold Coast to obtain the right skills. They make sure that they have the correct type of licence to prevent any bad driving record. A Medium Rigid Truck Licence is desirable for school run vehicles.

Burleigh Driver Training School listed helpful tips when driving in school zones:


  1. Reduce Your Driving Speed

    The warning sign that you often see when you’re about to pass a school zone tells you to lessen your speed limit. Signage is displayed to show drivers of what particular time does the speed limit applies. Driving speed varies from one school to another. Usually, its 40km/h on street where the current limit is 50km/h, 60km/h or 70km/h. Maintaining a low speed is important to see if there are kids crossing the highway. It also allows you to brake easily each time you see a road hazard.

  2. Avoid Any Distraction

    Driving in crowded places requires drastic focus and extreme effort. Always give your full attention to driving. Texting while driving can do a lot of damage to your lives. Avoid any distractions by turning your mobile phones off. Distracted driving is a risky move. You can miss out a road sign preceding the school zone. As a bus driver, it will be costly for you if you hit another vehicle or destruct any property. You don’t want your company to shoulder all the expenses as it will give a bad impact to the industry. Scan the road by using your rear-view and side view-mirrors.

  3. Expect a Heavy Traffic Around School Zones

    A heavy traffic usually occurs between seven to nine in the morning and two to four in the afternoon. Parents are sending their kids as early as seven am and picking them up at around two or four pm. You will see numerous car vehicle parking down the street. Be vigilant and drive slowly to keep parents and their children safe.

    For truck drivers, it might cause a delay in their delivery. A hefty traffic can add to the travel time in transferring goods. Thus, making them less productive. Make an advance time travel forecast to avoid unnecessary complications.

  4. Be Aware of Cyclist

    Watch for a cyclist or a kid riding a bicycle who are often inexperienced and careless. You typically see them on the side walk in areas near the school. To avoid any collision, maintain a correct vehicle spacing. A driving school gold coast, commonly suggests the three-second following distance to be fully aware of your surroundings. This will give you enough time to react when a vehicle stops in front of you.

  5. Obey Traffic Laws

    In many states, violating traffic laws within school zones brings severe fines. A penalty notice will be issued to you once you caught over speeding. Your current licence will be confiscated if you break these road rules. In some cases, if you’re planning to upgrade your licence into a Medium Rigid Truck Licence or a Heavy Rigid Truck Licence, having this bad record will not work to your advantage.

    One of the things that you can do is to have a truck licence training from a Driving School Gold Coast, Qld, or NSW. Having driving lessons will help you understand the importance of traffic rules and regulations. That way, you will become a responsible and more matured driver.

    Following these tips will ensure the safety of your passengers and the people you share the road with. Slow down, pay attention, and you can save lives.


    Photo credits to: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vylen/


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