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Driving School Tips: How to Move Home Safely


Do It Yourself: Moving Home Safely| Driving School Tips


Driving School Tips: How to Move Home Safely


How to make sure that you’re doing the right thing when moving home?

This seems to be a difficult question for you, especially when you find it so stressful and gruelling every time you move house. Moving may consider as one of the chancy and tricky jobs that requires utmost patience and extreme effort. You might experience different challenges as you go on. This can include physical injuries, broken furniture and minor road accidents.

For some people, getting a service from a removalist can have a stress-free moving. This removal company will have an advance preparation for your safe and fast-moving. They will assess what type of furniture will go first, how long the move will take, and how much does it cost.

But if you’re doing the move by yourself or with your own family, you need to exert a lot of effort, energy and cautiousness to do the tasks properly. You might get confused if you’re doing the right thing or you’re just causing another potential problem that may affect your plan of moving.

Worry no more as Burleigh Driving School listed some of the tips on how to move your home safe:

1.Weight of the Box

Make sure that all your boxes weight not exceeding the maximum of 50 pounds. This is the maximum weight for a person to carry the box well. It is very important that you can hold it properly because you’re lifting the boxes up and down stairs. But always remember that this weight can vary depending on the strength of the person and how far he’ll do the lifting.

2. Do the Packing Right

Look for quality boxes and make sure you have a tight packaging. Use standard sticky tapes and butchers paper to wrap fragile items like crockery, lamps, and glass decor. Butchers paper keeps your item clean and secure breakable items. For clothes and shoes you can use portable wardrobe boxes to protect your hanging clothes and suites using a metal bar. You can also put your shoes or hats at the bottom of the box. For paintings you can wrap those using blankets or quilts to avoid scratch.

3. Use Right Equipment in Moving

To make your moving fast, use the right equipment to carry heavy furniture. A dolly can be used to save time in carrying and stacking boxes. In moving a cabinet or fridge, you can use straps as it allows you to carry heavy items. It also protects you from injuries because you can use your body’s strength in lifting without too much bending.

4. Be Cautious to Dangers

Make sure you have enough proper door spacing. This will allow you to easily move from one place to another. If you have narrow space, damaged walls or slippery floors, take it first into consideration by repairing them. If it is a rainy day, mud can get inside your house that can cause wet and slimy floors. You can use carpets or pads to protect the floor.

5. Rent the Right Vehicle

If you’re renting a vehicle to help you with the moving, you have to be very careful in choosing the right size of the truck. Count how many big or small boxes you have and how heavy they are.  This will give you an idea on what type of vehicle you need to use. Using a large truck is not always recommended because you have to consider the size of the road, parking space, and narrow bridges.

6. Look for Qualified Drivers

If you’re using a vehicle that has more than 8 tonne GVM in moving, it is very important that you hold a Medium Rigid Licence. This is to ensure that your moving won’t get compromise just because your driver doesn’t have the correct licence. It is also recommended that you look for skilled drivers who have acquired knowledge and skills in a driving school as they have enough understanding on how to operate different trucks. It will give you a smooth-moving experience.

7. Prepare an Emergency Kit on Hand

These can include aspirin, antiseptic wipes, alcohol, ointment, and band aids. This is for safety precautions for covering open wounds or skin scratches. If an accident happens while doing the moving, you can easily do quick solutions so it won’t get worst.

Moving on your own is a mammoth tasks that can be frustrating and tiring. But following these tips can make your moving easily and can give a happy and a positive experience for everyone.



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