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Driving School Tweed Heads: 7 Ways to Prevent Road Accidents

Driving School Tweed Heads 7 Ways to Prevent Road Accidents


Driving School Tweed Heads: 7 Ways to Prevent Road Accidents

If you are on the lookout for ways on how to avoid road accidents, then you found the right place to know more about this.

As a truck driver, road safety is your day-to-day responsibility. Large commercial trucks are usually big in size, but this should not give you an excuse to not drive safely. Truck trailers require more time and space to manoeuvre or stop.

Speed is one of the major factors why drivers are getting involved in an accident. Most crashes are minor like a rear-end hit or hitting a road hazard, but some accidents can be dreadfully tragic. In just a split of a second, it can result to a more serious injury or even death. When a large vehicle is involved in a collision with another automobile, the results are usually catastrophic. The victims usually suffer and it can lead to long-term physical and emotional pain. In some cases, it can affect their ability to look for a job because of a bad driving record or inability to perform their tasks properly.

Delivering and travelling at the same time are great when you do it safely. If you are a beginner or a well-experienced driver, having a driving etiquette can really work for your advantage. Vehicular accidents can be avoided and there are steps that you can take to lessen the damage.

Our Driving School Tweed Heads compiled helpful tips to avoid road accidents:

  1. Keep your eyes locked on the road.

    When you are driving on the road, you should give your full focus. Our Driving School Tweed Heads suggests to frequently shift your eyes to the rear-view mirror and side-view mirrors. Scan the highway ahead and look for any possible hazards that you may encounter. Make sure that you are aware of what is happening around you. By doing this, you are spotting a potential danger and you will have enough time to respond. It also reduces the chance of hitting a rear-end vehicle in front of you when it makes a sudden stop.

  2. Do not use your mobile device. 

    Talking to someone over the phone or simply surfing the Internet is immensely distracting. Full concentration is required when driving. Using a mobile device while on the road can affect your ability to focus on your surroundings. It can increase the chance of getting into accidents. To be an effective and safe driver, you should keep both of your hands on the steering wheel. Many governments have restricted the use of cell phone while driving.

  3. Follow traffic rules.

    Traffic signs and road rules are designed to ensure everyone’s safety. These rules are made to avoid traffic jams and accidents. Maintain the required distance between vehicles to avoid any collision. If you are seeing a red light sign, start to slow down. Do not underestimate the power of your turn signals because accidents can be evaded if you use them accordingly. This will allow other motorists to determine what the truck is about to do. It is also an indicator of where a particular truck is going.

  4. Assess the vehicle before driving.

    Make sure that the vehicle windows are clean. Mirrors should be positioned appropriately for their height. This will give you a more concise picture of your surroundings. Check the quality of your tyres and brakes. They should be inflated with proper air pressure. This will provide you a smooth-moving delivery as your vehicle has an adequate traction. It will also prolong the life span of the vehicle tyres.

  5. Get an ample training in a qualified driving school.

    One of the best ways to protect yourself from a devastating accident is by attending a truck licence training from professional Driving School Tweed Heads, Gold Coast, QLD and NSW. Truck crashes can be avoided if every driver practices diverse techniques and practical truck driver training. You should know how to operate various vehicles correctly. This will also give you an advantage on how to make some maintenance repair to be confident enough before driving on the road. Typically, these qualified instructors will have a one-on-one driving lessons like a Heavy Rigid Truck Licence or a Heavy Combination Truck Licence.

  6. Do not attempt to drink and drive.

    Drunk driving is against the law. Burleigh Driver Training School previously outlined the BAC for truck drivers. Many people enjoy having a little drink from time to time. But even if it is ingested in small qualities, alcohol inhibits your ability to think properly. This promotes negative impact to your body and mind. Drinking alcoholic beverages can slow your reflexes that can lessen your capability to easily react to various situations. When driving large trucks, you should use your hands, eyes and feet to control the vehicle. Drunk driving can slow your eye muscle function and you will have a hard time perceiving road hazards or any possible accident.

  7. Slow down the pace.

    Follow the speed limit especially when you are about to pass an intersection, a school zone and a crowded area. When you are driving too fast, you are risking yourself to a possible accident. You are causing harm to other people as well. Police officers often hide while looking for speeders. Once caught over speeding, you will get a speeding ticket that can give a negative impact to you and to the company you work for. Try to slow down your speed for your own safety.

    Road safety must come to you first. It’s a collective effort from the Government, the Officers and its People. As a truck driver, you must bring the right attitude and skills towards work.

    “Care for others, Care for your Life.”Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mspoggis/

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