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Gold Coast Driving School: In the Middle of a Traffic Jam?

Gold Coast Driving School: Things To Do When Stuck In the Traffic


Gold Coast Driving School: In the Middle of a Traffic Jam?


Picture this… It is a hot, sunny afternoon then you find yourself stuck in the traffic. How many hours in a day do you spend on the road? Perhaps many of you will say too much. Yes, we bet!

Traffic congestion is one of the worst nightmares that a truck driver can experience. Imagine your truck vehicle being trapped in a crowded area. Isn’t that frustrating? Whether you are a regular passenger or someone who takes a vacation with his family, traffic could be very annoying.

Almost every day, more vehicles are added to the road that trigger heavy traffic. Traffic jam can really cause a delay in your delivery. It seems like you are going nowhere and your driving takes forever, which will make you feel less productive and impatient.

Previously, our gold coast driving school highlighted the importance of a trucker. They should deliver the raw materials on time as they are needed for production and manufacturing. This kind of situation is nothing but hassle.

For some motorists, this traffic has been part of their daily routine. They are used to being jammed and being on a bumper to bumper scenario with another truck vehicle.  Possibly, most of you do not like sitting in their respective vehicle and being stagnant behind the wheel.

Our Gold Coast Driving School listed 6 productive ways that you can do when stuck in the traffic:

  1. Catch up using your mobile phones

    Many truck companies do not allow their drivers to take any phone calls during the time of delivery as it can steal their focus while driving. Traffic is a great way to catch up on some phone calls, respond to important messages and manage work related stuff like meetings or office work. This is also a great time to share social media updates. But our Gold Coast Driving School suggests using this opportunity to look for traffic updates using your mobile devices. You can monitor the traffic situation in your current location by following useful Facebook pages like the Gold Coast Bulletin or 7 News Brisbane.

  2. Turn on your radio

    Have you forgotten the lyrics of your favourite song? Well, traffic jam could be the best way to listen to the songs that you really love. Radio disc jockeys know how to keep you entertained, awake and alive. Enjoy feel good music while stuck in the dreaded traffic. These songs can lighten up your mood and reduce your stress. You can also look for some interactive programmes like news updates and radio contests. Our Gold Coast Driving School recommends keeping your volume low and controlled. This will help you hear vehicle signals when traffic is about to pass.

  3.  Clean up your truck

    Traffic congestion is the perfect time to clean up your truck. Sitting inside your vehicle with nothing to do can provide you with the chance to tidy up. Collect all the empty wrappers, food pouches and tangled wires. These things make your vehicle look so messy and dirty. Keeping your truck clean will keep you safe and will give you greater road visibility. Keep your windshields and mirrors clear. A clean truck is also a reflection of your personality. By doing this, you will surely get a good impression from the company you work for.

  4. Check out and prepare your calendar

    One of the productive things that you can do when you are caught in the traffic is calendar management. Utilise this time by checking your upcoming work schedule, plan your tasks ahead and schedule them on your personal calendar tool accordingly. Truckers are usually occupied with a lot of tasks, making it hard for them to check out their own calendar. Use this time to check if you have appointments or family important events that need to be attended.

  5. Bring books with you

    Yes, we understand that you are so busy. Let me ask you this: do you have this reading list of unfinished book story? If you are an avid reader, this is the perfect moment to finally complete the series of your favourite story. Bring the current novel or book with you and get some quality reading time. This can be your pastime during the heavy traffic. Reading is one of the ways to improve your comprehensive skills. It will help you feel more relaxed during long hours on the road.

  6.  Eat some snacks

    Bring a sandwich with you or something that you can eat while waiting for the traffic to move. Do not let yourself get hungry and angry in the middle of this gridlock. Starving can cause lack of energy and can lose focus.

    Traffic congestion is part of our lives. It is something that we have to live with. Instead of getting frustrated, bear in mind that there is always a way for this experience to be more meaningful and worthwhile.

    Remember: life is too short for you to be stressed with these unwanted circumstances.

    Photo by: http://bit.ly/1iLdC9M


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