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Gold Coast Truck School: Importance of Truck Mirrors

Gold Coast Truck School


Gold Coast Truck School: Importance of Truck Mirrors

Do you know how important your truck mirrors are?

Truck mirrors are mainly use to visualize your surroundings. Generally, each time you change direction you need to look on your mirrors. It is considered as an extra set of eyes, especially when driving. As a truck driver, you should know what are the functions and importance of these truck mirrors.

Checking your mirrors frequently allows you to see potential road hazards, such as tailgaters, animals passing the road, potholes, and pedestrian crossings. Inadequate and inappropriate use of mirrors can lead to serious injuries or fatal crashes.

Road accidents can be avoided when mirrors are properly used. Every mirror serves as a safety precaution for truck drivers.

Our Gold Coast Truck School listed several functions of truck mirrors:

  1. Right Exterior Mirror

    Use to check and see if there is a truck overtaking you. This mirror gives a compressed view so you can easily adjust in any road condition.

    Gold Coast Truck School recommends adjusting your exterior mirrors and make sure you get the best rear view of your surroundings with minimal head movements. Ensure that you can see the side of the truck on the inside edge of your mirror.

  2. Left Exterior Mirror

    Side mirrors provide a clear picture of drivers who are driving fast. It enables you to check and see what road position is in the back of your vehicle. Thus, it will give you an idea if you’re going slow or fast.

    Our Gold Coast Truck School advises looking on your mirrors every now and then to identify the position of your vehicle on the road.

    The two side external mirrors give you an exact view of your surroundings. One of the ways to adjust this mirror is to ensure that you sit in the correct position. These two types of mirrors differ from each other as external mirrors are convex glass that can provide a wider view of your environment and see the distance between vehicles.

  3. Reversing Camera

    This is also called as a backup camera.  Some trucks use this reversing camera to increase safety, and productivity. It is also use for blind spot monitoring.

    If you have this inside your truck, Our Gold Coast Truck School suggests checking your reversing camera every time you get inside the truck to make sure that it is working properly.

    Mirrors help in various ways whilst driving. These are helpful truck accessories when making turns, backing up, and manoeuvring. How to properly use mirrors are one of the things that you will learn when enrol in a driving school.

    Burleigh Driver Training School says: Use your mirrors, to make your life last longer!

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