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Light Rigid Licence Gold Coast

LR Licence QLD and LR Licence NSW

Helpful Information for Light Rigid Licence Holder


  • A Light Rigid Licence will let you drive small trucks. These include minibuses, coaches and light trucks that are more than 4.5 tonne GVM and less than 8 tonne GVM. Getting your Light Rigid Licence in Queensland will allow you to drive a bus with more than 12 seats. You can also tow a trailer of up to 9 tonne GVM.


  • If you have a car licence, the step up to a Light Rigid Licence is not huge and is a less daunting first step to a heavy vehicle licence.


  • This type of licence certification will open up the number of vehicles you are allowed to drive on the road. Common vehicles for which you will require a Light Rigid Licence for include.
    • 25 seat Busses – Coaster or Rosa busses being the most common.
    • 13 seat vans – Toyota’s Hiace being a prime example.
    • Small Trucks – Deliver trucks designed to carry a small load.
    • Motor Homes – Many motor homes fall into the light rigid category.


  • There are a number of jobs that will require you to have a Light Rigid Licence or for you to obtain one.
    • Minimum requirement of the NSW Ambulance Service
    • Tour operators
    • Airport Transfers or other shuttle services
    • Community Services including – School Transport, Aged Care Facilities
    • Delivery Driver – Bread Truck


  • If you would like to have more flexibility, Burleigh Driver Training School suggests that you obtain a Medium Rigid or Heavy Rigid Licence as it will provide you a greater job opportunities with a boarder range of vehicles you can drive. To know more about this type of licence follow our MR Licence and HR Licence page.
  • Our Medium Rigid Truck is easy to drive and is approximately the same length, as the most common Light Rigid vehicle that you see regularly on the road being a Coaster Bus.


We do not offer a light rigid vehicle but you can enroll in a medium rigid class

Medium Rigid Truck (MR) Licence

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