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MC Truck Licence

MC Truck Licence

MC Truck Licence

  • The Multi Combination Truck Licence is considered to be the pinnacle of the road transport industry. There’s a huge responsibility in obtaining this type of licence as this the most difficult licence that you can get in Australia.
  • A Multi Combination Truck Licence is for people who are looking to driver the largest vehicles on the road with the potential increase in salary that comes with job promotions.
  • Burleigh Driver Training School offers quality training for your MC Truck Licence in QLD and NSW. We also service different areas in Australia including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed Heads, and Murwillumbah.
  • With this Multi Combination Truck Licence you are allowed to drive prime mover with 2 or more trailers which includes B-Doubles and Road Trains with different configurations.
  • Burleigh Driver Training School works with the leading Registered Training Organizations (RTO). We ensure that we deliver the most comprehensive training at an affordable price.


Helpful Information for MC Truck Licence Holder:

A Multi Combination Vehicle is a:

  • A B-double (prime mover towing 2 semitrailers, with 1 semitrailer supported at the front and connected to the other semi-trailer
  • A road train (motor vehicle, other than a B-double, towing 2 or more trailers
  • Allows you to drive any lower class vehicle provided your licence gearbox restrictions are respected


Our Trucks:

  • The vehicle that we use for your MC Truck Licence has the unrestricted road ranger manual gearbox.
  • We believe that by completing the training in the unrestricted truck it provides you with relevant real world experience in the type of truck you are likely to find when you are in the work force.


Multi Combination Road Ranger Manual

  • (1) Our Multi Combination Road Ranger Truck has an 18 Speed overdrive Crash/Road Ranger Gearbox. This will require doubling the clutch on both up and down changes of gear as well as matching the Revs.
  • (2) On passing your licence test is this vehicle you will have a Multi Combination Unrestricted Licence


Employment Opportunities

  • If you hold a Multi Combination Truck Licence you can look for a job in the intrastate or interstate line haul freight which service long distance driving.
  • Supermarket Delivery companies such as Aldi who manage their own transport, Linfox and toll who transport for the majors often use multi-combination vehicles for this work.
  • Intercity Freight i.e. Brisbane to Gold Coast.
  • Bulk Haulage such as Scrap metal or sand and gravel between depots.
Requirements to obtain a Multi Combination License
  • To upgrade your licence you must have a Heavy Combination or Heavy Rigid Open or P Class for at least 1 year.
  • For NSW only, you must held a HR or HC Licence open licence.
  • For NSW Only, You will be needing a new medical record for this type of truck licence.
How many lessons will I need?
Multi Combination Road Ranger Manual (Open Licence)

The amount of training will depend a number of factors:

  • Current Licence “HR” or “HC”
  • Gear Box Classification Unrestricted or Condition B or A
  • Recent Driving Experience in a Road Ranger gearbox truck.

An experienced HC Unrestricted Driver would be expected to complete the training in a day.
An experienced HR Unrestricted Diver would be expected to complete an complete the training in two days.
If you have no, or minimal experience with a Road Ranger gearbox there will be additional training prior to commencing the MC course. This includes people with a Condition A or B licence.