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MR Truck Licence Automatic Truck

Medium Rigid Licence (MR)

  • Obtaining an MR Truck Licence will allow you to any two axel vehicle with a GVM greater than 8 tonne or over.
  • Nearly all modern Medium Rigid (MR) Trucks have Synchromesh Gearbox’s, therefore a Condition B restriction will have little impact on which medium rigid vehicles you are able to drive.
  • If you have to drive a medium rigid vehicle with a crash gearbox you would have to complete your test in our Unrestricted Heavy Rigid Truck.
  • If you have an Automatic Car Licence you will remove this restriction from your car licence by completing your licence test in our Medium Rigid Synchromesh Truck.
  • Burleigh Driver Training School provides high-quality truck licence training in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweedheads and Murwillumbah. We also service students from Queensland and New South Wales.
  • We offer Medium Rigid Truck Licence in QLD and NSW at a cheaper price. We can help you get your truck licence quick and easy.


Helpful Information for MR Truck Licence Holder:

  • A Truck or Bus of more than 8 tonne GVM but no more than 2 axles.
  • A Medium Rigid Vehicle can also tow a trailer of up to 9 tonne GVM.
  • Allows you to drive Light Rigid (LR) Vehicle. To know more about it watch our Medium Rigid Licence Video.


Our Trucks

  • Has a 6 Speed Synchromesh Gearbox. A Synchromesh gearbox is the same style that you find in manual cars. If you are used to a manual car you should have no problems changing gears in this truck.
  • On passing your licence test in this vehicle you will have MR Condition B, (Synchromesh) licence.


Employment Opportunities

  • Local Deliveries 

    – In obtaining your Medium Rigid Truck Licence you are qualified to apply in a Parcel and Freight Delivery’s with companies such as Toll or TNT have many Medium Rigid Trucks.

  • Emergency Services 

    – If you have an MR Licence in QLD and NSW you can drive trucks from emergency services as this would be their minimum requirement. Also, Fire Fighters or Rural Fire Brigades have a number of Medium Rigid and Light Rigid Vehicles.

  • Landscape suppliers or machinery operators

    – Both have a number of MR vehicles for deliveries or transporting equipment like bobcats to work sites.

  • Armoured Vehicles

    – This is usually operated by security companies.

  • Gold Coast City Council

    – Often have a minimum requirement of a Medium Rigid Licence for many positions.

  • Removal Companies

    – This is the most common type of truck used by removalists.

  • Having an MR Truck Licence

    –  It will open great job opportunities. You can drive council buses which are usually consider as MR vehicles and have an automatic gearbox.

  • You must, have held a Provisional or Open C Class (Car) Licence for a period of 12 month’s.
  • Pay the appropriated fee and pass the Heavy Vehicle Knowledge Test with Queensland Transport.
  • Pay the appropriated fee and pass the practical Heavy Vehicle Driving Test with Queensland Transport.

4 to 5 Lessons are normally required to enable you to pass the practical Heavy Vehicle Driving Test with Queensland Transport.
A final lesson will be combined with the test ensuring that you are ready to go.

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