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24 Apr

Fatigue Management: Work and Rest Requirements

Generally, all drivers of fatigue-regulated heavy vehicles must comply with certain maximum work and minimum rest periods. Parties involved in the supply chain must take acceptable procedures in preventing drivers to exceed these set limits. This is similar to occupational health and safety laws that means all drivers must be allowed to stop if they […]

18 Apr

What are Fatigue Management Exemptions?

Fatigue management exemptions are permits and notices that allows drivers and operators to apply for work and rest hours, work diary and record keeping exemptions – If found that they are not able to abide the legislated fatigue management requirements. With these opportunities both drivers and operators under the fatigue management exemptions can use alternative […]

11 Apr

5 Ways to Stay Awake When Driving

Surviving the Drive a Guide to Fatigue Management This is the initial post in a 5-part blog series on road safety in the transport industry. We take a deeper look on the issues of fatigue management and its laws. Continue reading to know more about fatigue management and why it is important to be aware […]

31 Mar

Skills That a Truck Driver Must Have

Skills That a Truck Driver Must Have Do you have what it takes to become a professional truck driver? Being a truck driver requires tremendous skills and strength to perform your duties well. These skills cannot be acquired overnight. You need to exert utmost effort to become a competent truck driver. People who really wanted […]

24 Mar

Winning the School Mum Challenge

      Winning the School Mum Challenge by Burleigh Driver Training School Do you feel anxious when you hear the bell of the school year? It only means that a lot of changes may happen on the road. The massive amount of traffic during pick up times and drop off, combined with possible road […]

17 Mar

Is there a Life after a DUI?

  Is there a life after a DUI? ‘Don’t Drink and Die.’ Ooopss or should we say ‘Don’t Drink and Drive.’ Approximately 30% of fatal crashes in Australia are caused by drink driving. According to the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety Queensland, over 1 in 4 drivers and riders killed on Australian roads […]

10 Mar

Real Men Drive Trucks

  Real Men Drive Trucks   Looking for a better paying driving job or a career change?  Need to upgrade a current Truck Licence? Not sure if your driving skills are enough to pass the practical? Today we outline the classes of heavy vehicle licences, the restrictions and opportunities. It is essential to have the […]

03 Mar

3 Good Qualities of a Driving Instructor

3 Good Qualities of a Driving Instructor What are the qualities that you consider when looking for a driving instructor? If you have plans of getting a truck licence perhaps the first question that you may ask is how much will it cost? Going for cheaper fees is not always the better option. We all […]

17 Feb

5 Reasons Why Driver Training Can Save Your Life

  5 Reasons Why Driver Training Can Save Your Life One of the most important factors to achieve road safety is having a quality and defensive driver training. Some drivers believe that applying basic driving skills can keep them from any accident. But the challenge is, how would you react to various road situations that […]

10 Feb

Gold Coast Driver Training: 5 Ways to Avoid Drunk Driving

  Gold Coast Driver Training: 5 Ways to Avoid Drunk Driving Think about it three times: YOU Drink, YOU Drive, YOU Lose! It’s not worth it. Believe us. Despite the many campaigns about the dangerous effects of drink driving, some drivers continue to get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. Drink driving can […]

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