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Burleigh Driver Training School: 5 Tips How to Reduce Driving Anxiety

Burleigh Driver Training School: Tips How To Fight Driving Anxiety

5 Tips How to Reduce Driving Anxiety


Do you feel nervous every time you get inside the car?

For some people, driving a vehicle could be a terrible experience. They feel anxious that something bad can happen. It’s a psychological condition which often called as panic attack.

A panic attack is when someone experience too much anxiety and their body can’t function well and loses composure. They are afraid to drive in an open space and they tend to lose control. Drivers may also feel that they are causing harm to other people, that’s why they quit driving.

For some people who have been driving for many years, a panic attack can also happen. A good driving experience can easily be erased because of a bad incident. The awful experience is causing the subconscious mind to react and feel panic. When these things happen, it could lead to a more serious condition called driving anxiety.

There are some instances in which driving anxiety is caused by having a strict driving instructor or a terrifying training experience. In obtaining your truck licence, choosing the right driving school is essential to acquire skills not just another source of anxiety.

Burleigh Driver Training School listed some tips on how to overcome fear of driving:


  1. Avoid Being Stressed

    Panic attacks are more likely to happen when you’re stressed. It causes fatigue, anxiety and lack of concentration. It promotes poor decision-making because you can’t think logically which is very important when driving.

  1. Stay Calm and Relax

    Whether the truck is moving or not, you should feel secure and comfortable. Wearing cozy shirts and shoes will help you feel more relaxed. Go inside the truck and try to calm yourself before driving. This is a good practice to prevent panic from rising.

  1. Drive with a Friend or a Relative

    Driving with someone can relieve the sense of fear. A friend can be your supporter and a family member can give you some encouragement. Since panic attack is more of a mental thing, it is important that you have someone who can give you comfort and ease your tension. This can help you feel more secure. A friend can also tell you when you’re not doing the right thing.

  1. Seek for a Doctor’s Advice

    If your fear is causing you too much distraction, Burleigh Driver Training School suggests that you should ask for a professional’s advice. They can give you recommendations like attending a regular session with a counselor.

  1. Consider a Professional Driving School

    If you’re unsure of your driving abilities, you can look for a qualified driving school. This accredited driver trainer will help anxious driver to better understand the essence of driving. They will give you classroom lessons, moral support and one-on-one training in safe places to cut out your fear.

To wrap it out, driving anxiety is manageable. Don’t think that this kind of condition will kill you. It just depends on how you react to the situation. Having a positive mindset and following these helpful tips can help you escape the fear of driving.

Burleigh Driver Training School cares about your safety. Be optimistic and stay healthy!


Photo Credits to: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nidhug/



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