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Truck Driver School QLD: Spring Weather Safe Driving Tips

Truck Driver School QLD



Truck Driver School QLD: Spring Weather Safe Driving Tips

Now that winter weather is finally over and Spring season is just around the corner, are you ready for your next trip?

Springtime means days are dry but it can be windy at the same time. As Spring approaches, it is imperative that you adjust your driving based on the weather condition.

Make sure that you are prepared for any road condition. Previously, our Truck Driver School QLD listed numerous tips on how to drive safely on a winter weather.

Spring may be warmer but it does not mean that the roads are safer for truck drivers. It can make your driving more difficult because of the road hazards. There are three road hazard conditions that roll over from Winter to Spring.

To keep you safe on the road, Burleigh Driver Training School listed important tips when driving on a spring weather:

  1. Increase your following distance

    Maintaining a safe following distance is by far one of the easiest things that a truck driver can do but often refused to. During Spring, our Truck Driver School QLD suggests increasing the distance between your truck and the vehicle you are following. You should drive at least 3-5 seconds behind the vehicle. This will give you enough room to stop if unwanted circumstances happen.

  2. Watch out for potholes

    Usually, after Winter comes Spring. Our Truck Driver School QLD advises looking for some potholes on the roadway that are formed because of the contraction and expansion of ground water. These little cracks are known to be a road annoyance. It can cause tire puncture, dents and leaks.

  3.  Drive Slowly

    Warm weather brings more children and cyclists on the road. You are likely to see children playing and running in the pedestrian. Cyclists typically accelerate faster and appear out of nowhere. To ensure your safety, Burleigh Driver Training School recommends slowing down and pay attention in busy streets and school zones. This will also give you ample time when the vehicle in front of you suddenly change direction.

  4.  Look for a weather update

    Before heading out on the road, it is important to know the weather condition of your destination. Our Truck Driver School QLD suggests checking the road condition to avoid any possible danger. This can give you an idea if you need to use a different route to avoid unnecessary delay. Always bring an emergency kit with you for a safe journey.

  5.   Stay alert for animals

    Some animals become active during Spring. Due to the warm weather, plants grow faster providing more foods for the animals. Truck drivers should be wary of kangaroos taking a hop, cows crossing, wallabies or a cassowary passing the road. These animals can cause a lower road visibility.

  6. Check your tires

    Before doing the trip, our Truck Driver School QLD recommends checking your tires and making sure that they are properly inflated. During warm weather, tires tend to lose air easily. It causes a poor gas mileage and blow out as well as affects vehicle handling. You can go to the nearest gasoline station for tire inspection.Spring weather presents its own road challenges. Following these safe driving tips can help you feel more comfortable and safer whilst doing the delivery.

    Spring is here. Remember to drive safely.

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