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Truck Driving Licence QLD: Top 5 Truck Drivers’ Workout

Truck Driving Licence QLD Burleigh Driver Training School

Truck Driving Licence QLD: Top 5 Truck Drivers’ Workout

“The worst workout is the one that you did not do.”

Do you exercise before driving? How often do you do it?

Perhaps most of you will say, “I want to but I cannot find time,” or “I like to but I do not know what to do.”

Being part of a truck driving industry offers lots of benefits but the downside is how hard it is to stay healthy. Driving for long hours is dangerous to your health, especially when combined with sleep deprivation, fatigue and minimum physical exercise.

Sitting for longs hours has previously been identified by the Mayo Clinic with a number of health concerns, including metabolic syndrome, obesity and heart disease. The worst part is that it can also increase the danger of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Exercise is one of the best things that you can do to stay healthy and fit. Truck drivers need physical exercise to keep their body strong and to continue functioning even at peak condition.

Get inspired to exercise by following these truck drivers’ workout:

  1. Kettlebell exercise

    A kettlebell exercise is one of the best options that you can do as a truck driver. This will only take barely any space at all. Thus, it is a perfect companion for truckers who usually spend long stretches on the road. Our Truck Driving Licence QLD suggests checking your current fitness level first before doing the exercise. Start with just a few pounds or try a kettlebell with 20 pounds. Combine swinging motions with twists and leg exercises. This can help in burning fat quickly and for your muscle build. You can also do squats, crunches, and overhead presses using a kettlebell.

  2. Planking exercise

    Planking is a helpful exercise for truck drivers whilst taking a break from driving. It can strengthen your arm, back, leg muscles and core. Thus, it has a great side effect of reducing back pain. Our Truck Driving Licence QLD advises looking for a safe place before doing this exercise. Start planking by bending on your hands and knees. Lift your knees on the ground and push your feet back for full body extension.

  3. Dumbbell exercise

    The dumbbell is known to be a hassle-free equipment exercise. You do not need a massive space to perform this workout. Our Truck Driving Licence QLD recommends finding a good weight that fits your ability to lift. Take note that if the weight of the dumbbell is getting light it means you need to do more repetitions. To do this, stand up straight whilst holding the dumbbell in each hand and curl the dumbbells up. Repeat this as much as you can.

  4. Jogging or Walking

    These are two of the most effective ways for truck drivers to stay fit and healthy. It promotes strong bones and muscles. This will vastly improve your ability to carry heavy products, especially when loading. Start with walking, then increase its intensity by jogging. Do it for 30 minutes per session. Burleigh Driver Training School recommends bringing a bottled water with you before heading out and always stay hydrated.

  5. Jumping Rope exercise

    This exercise is known to increase your heart rate. Jumping rope exercise is a light cardio training and does not require much space. You can practically bring it with you every time you do the delivery. Our Truck Driving Licence QLD suggests choosing the best jump rope routine for you. You can do the following:

    2-minute single-leg jumps:

    jump continuously on your one leg for 30 seconds. Repeat it on one leg for 30 seconds.

    2-minute double-leg jumps:

    Make sure your feet are not pounding the ground and your chest stays lifted. Jump for 30 seconds as fast as possible.

    Follow these simple steps to maintain a good body posture. Take note that warming up and cooling down are important for a good workout experience.

    What is your favourite pre-driving exercise workout? Share it with us and let’s achieve a heathier body together.

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