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Truck Driving School: Construction Zones Safety Tips

Truck Driving School Burleigh Driver Training School


Truck Driving School: Top 5 Construction Zones Safety Tips

You have seen orange barrels and cones whilst driving on the road, what will you do?

Most of the truck drivers feel anxious when they see an orange work zone signage. Heavy traffic, bumpy roads, and busy workers make construction zones a worst nightmare.

According to Work Cover Queensland, drivers and machinery operators are 4 times more likely to be injured compare to other agricultural workers. There are 9000 overall workplace injuries in construction a year, that affects one in every 20 construction workers. One in every 50 workers suffers a serious injury. Unfortunately, work zones are unavoidable, especially when you are behind the wheel.

So what are the important things to keep in mind when driving in a work zone?

Our Truck Driving School listed useful tips on how to stay safe in construction zones:

  1. Avoid distractions

    Our Truck Driving School suggests avoiding using your mobile device and other forms of distracted driving like eating, smoking or reading. Construction zones are sometimes unpredictable causing accidents to happen all the time. If you really need to access your phone, it is best to pull over. Also, give your full attention to driving and stay vigilant.

  2. Leave ample space between cars and trucks

    Every time that you will enter a construction zone, it is very important to increase your following distance. To avoid any rear-end collision, leave enough room between cars and trucks in front of you. Make sure to give a clear head. Our Truck Driving School recommends avoiding tailgating. Doing so can give you ample time when a truck in front of you suddenly stops.

  3.  Stay calm and pay attention

    Construction zones can be a major inconvenience for truck drivers. Instead of getting stressed and frustrated, Burleigh Driver Training School advises calming down and do not rush. Work zones test your patience so you have to be attentive to any possible danger.

  4.  Obey work zones signage

    Obey posted speed limits. In some cases, you need to drive slower than the speed limits if weather conditions and heavy traffic occurs. Construction signs are usually orange in colour and relatively straight forward. Thus, it will warn you of the possible road hazards. These may include; bumps, dips, uneven pavements, and working men. Be watchful for these signs to avoid truck crashes.

  5.  Plan ahead

    As a truck driver, it is essential to know your driving routes before heading out on the road. Our Truck Driving School recommends leaving early in the office so you can arrive at your destination on time. Construction zones cause a delay so have to look for alternative routes.

    Most of the motorists look at the construction sites as an inconvenience. But in the long run, these roads and sites can be very beneficial.

    Drive safely at your destination by following these construction zone driving tips.

    So when was the last time that you encountered a construction road sign? Share with us what did you do to avoid a hassle delay on your delivery.

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