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Truck Licence Brisbane: Steaming Engine on a Hot Weather


Truck Licence Brisbane

Truck Licence Brisbane: Steaming Engine on a Hot Weather


You are driving on a hot weather, then all of a sudden your truck’s temperature gauge is going up. Yes Mate, your engine is overheating!

It can be frustrating when you see steam and smoke coming from your truck whilst driving on the road. Overheating can be dangerous as it can damage your truck’s engine and leaving you stranded on the road. As a truck driver, you do not want your employer suffering steep repair bill.

The most common causes of a truck overheating are low in coolant or there’s a leak in your coolant system, broken radiator, extreme hot weather and poor vehicle maintenance. In order to avoid further engine problems, you must know what to do when your truck overheats.

Our Truck Licence Brisbane listed some helpful tips that you can do when your truck engine overheats:

Tip #1: When you feel that your vehicle will overheat, turn off your air conditioner and open your windows because it will lessen the load of your engine and helps it cool down.

Tip #2: Our Truck Licence Brisbane recommends looking at your temperature gauge frequently to warn you of any problems that may arise.

Tip #3: When your truck overheats whilst driving on the road, stop, turn the engine off, open the hood and let it cool down on its own. Usually, it takes more than half an hour or more. Be patient before starting it again.

Tip #4: Burleigh Driver Training School suggests stopping the vehicle at the most convenient place as soon as overheating is detected. When you continue driving even for a short period of time, the tendency is for the cooling system or radiator to be damaged.

Tip #5: Our Truck Licence Brisbane advises making sure that the radiator cap of your vehicle is completely cold before opening due to an extreme pressure that may cause serious burns.

Tip #6: Always bring one liter of distilled water and an antifreeze with you so that when your vehicle overheats, the coolant will usually cool it off.

Tip #7: Check if there are leaks in your hoses as it can cause your engine to overheat. Before doing the delivery, inspect the engine area and radiator hoses.

Tip #8:  Our Truck Licence Brisbane recommends changing your oil regularly. Check the water system, belts, hoses and ensure that they are in good working condition.

Tip #9: Look at the fan belt of your truck and make sure that it is not broken. If you have a broken fan belt your vehicle can overheat quickly.

Tip #10: Do not attempt to touch your vehicle’s hoses. There could be an extreme hot temperature that may lead to high-pressure coolant. Allow it to cool down to avoid painful burns.

Do you have any overheating vehicle experience whilst driving on the road? How did you handle it?

Share your stories with us! Stay Cool, Mate!

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