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Why You Should Upgrade from a HC or MC licence If You’re a Miner

Why You Should Upgrade from a HC or MC licence If You’re a Miner

With the mining industry shrinking there are going to be more job losses in the coming months, which means more ex-miners will be looking for jobs in the transport industry to replace their ones they lost.

What does this mean if you’re a miner?

It means if you have a HR licence and experience driving a heavy vehicle there will be a great chance of you getting a job in the road transporting industry.

So unless you’re comfortable with a dramatic cut in your current pay rates, then its essential that you up-skill before the industry collapses and you find yourself needed a job.

In order to come close to the salary you’re used to in the mines, you’ve got to look into long distance transport driving either a Semi or a Road Train/B-Double.

And the best part is that hiring mangers love ex-miners for these positions. Their hard working, used to working long shifts and being away from home doesn’t bother them.

You see most miners who hold a HR licence can simply upgrade to a HC or MC licence for better job opportunities.

When you add their experience with driving a heavy vehicle plus having a superiority licence they’re will be jobs lined up for you to apply for. As most big freight companies require experience as much as the right licence

So what kind of jobs can you expect from upgrading your licence to a HC and MC Licence?

With a HC licence you can get jobs in the road freight industry. This includes big name companies such as Toll, Linfox, TNT, DHL, Australia Post, and other various leaders in the business.

MC vehicle drivers will get much the same job opportunities but with more pay because of the skill and work required to drive one.

So if you’re one of the lucky ones who are safe with a job for another few months, don’t leave it to the last minute to upgrade your HC and MC licence, as there are more and more people applying for these positions each day.

Rather be ahead of the crowd and get your licence sooner than later, plus get some experience under your belt as well. This will set you up for a risk-free future as you want need to worry so much about when the next pay check will come in, if you get made redundant.

So if you know you don’t have too much time left as a miner, apply now for your HC and MC licence.


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