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Job Opportunities for Heavy Rigid Truck Licence Holder

Jobs Available for Heavy Rigid Truck Licence Holder


Job Opportunities for Heavy Rigid Truck Licence Holder


With the continuous demand for truck drivers in Australia, people are now looking for a driving school where they can conduct a Heavy Rigid Truck Licence Training.

A Heavy Rigid Truck Licence is the highest category that you can obtain from your car licence. This type of licence will allow you to drive truck vehicle with 3 or more axles and over 8T GVM.

For some people getting a licence signifies freedom and maturity. While other people use it for personal development and a career growth. Aside from being a truck driver, an HR Truck Licence permits you to operate various trucks in Queensland and NSW.

But before you get an HR Driver’s Licence, you must have a Light Rigid Licence or a Medium Rigid Licence for at least 1 year, or a Car Licence for 1 to 2 years depending on your current state.

There are a lot of driving opportunities accompanied by upgrading your current licence into a Heavy Rigid Truck Licence. It promotes job flexibility and increases employee productivity as you will learn different lessons such as:

  • How to manoeuvre a large vehicle in a safe way
  • What are the different exhaust and engine brake and when you can use it
  • How can you use Automatic, Synchromesh, and Road Ranger Gearbox
  • Reversing Techniques and Many More


In relation to this, Burleigh Driver Training School listed some driving opportunities that come with obtaining your Heavy Rigid Truck Licence:

1. Larger Council Buses

You are allowed to drive large council buses like double decker and council buses on the Gold Coast. A medium rigid licence would be the minimum for most bus driving jobs but a heavy rigid would be desirable.

2. Mining Industries

You can also look for a job in the mining industry as this is one of the standard requirements that you need to have. You will operate haul trucks to transport heavy materials from one place to another. You are responsible for checking brakes, tyres, oils, and electrical systems. You are also task to do loading or supervise loading material into the truck.

3. Inter and Intra State Coaches

Greyhound is one of the biggest names in this kind of market. Servicing long distance routes within Australia. They will require a heavy rigid licence as due to large number of passengers as well as their baggage they will run a Heavy Rigid Coach.

4. Earth Moving Contractors

If you’re planning to look for a job in the earth moving industry, a Heavy Rigid Licence is recommended for you. These companies often have a large number of heavy rigid vehicles for their general cartage work. You may also be responsible for the loading and unloading of the truck so it may require machinery tickets.

5. Removal Companies

If you hold a Heavy Rigid Licence, you are qualified for a removalist job in Australia. These companies use heavy rigid trucks for moving heavy and large items like cabinets, furniture, and appliances. You are responsible for moving commercial and domestic furniture either locally or interstate. Other tasks include: using trolleys, forklifts, and lifting devices in moving. You will also conduct general vehicle inspections that’s why it’s very important that you have knowledge in operating different trucks.

Now that you know some of the employment opportunities by obtaining this type of licence, the next thing that you can do is to take advantage of the available chances and utilize these to your own benefit. It will definitely add a promising feature on your career. Good luck!

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