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MR Driving School QLD: 10 Common Faults When Driving

MR Driving School QLD Burleigh Driver Training School


MR Driving School QLD:  10 Common Faults When Driving

When asked about their driving mistakes, some of the drivers will say;

“He’s not looking on his way!”

“She came out of nowhere!”

“I didn’t notice him coming!”

“They haven’t seen me yet!”

Instead of looking for root causes, some of the drivers tend to look for things to blame when an unwanted accident happens. But did you try asking yourself; is it really his fault? or maybe I am just careless with the way I drive?

As a truck driver, if you have successfully obtained your truck licence training and passed your driving test,  it is very important that you still remember the fundamental things you shouldn’t be doing whilst driving on the road.

Our MR Driving School QLD listed the top 10 most common driving mistakes:


  1. Lack of attention to the road

    Some of the drivers are not giving much attention to the road. To avoid any minor scrapes, Our MR Driving School QLD advises paying attention to the road whilst driving. This means you should avoid using your mobile phones for texting, calling or reading, especially whilst behind the wheel. Driving is not also a good time to listen to loud music.

  2. Over speeding

    Aside from getting a ticket for over speeding, it may also cause fatal crashes and serious injuries. The faster you drive, the greater the impact when you hit a road hazard. Our MR Driving School QLD suggests looking for speed limit signs and follow traffic rules.

  3. Drink Driving

    Driving requires extreme focus and attentiveness. You must be able to make quick decisions and react to sudden changes in your environment. Vehicular accidents happen because some of the drivers do not give their full concentration to the road. They feel drowsy and their road perception is very low. Burleigh Driver Training School says; Be a responsible drinker and avoid drinking alcohol, especially when getting behind the wheel.

  4. Improper road turns

    Some of the drivers are guilty of improper road turns. An example of this is when a driver wants to make a right turn and it is not made as close as possible to the right curb or even on the edge of the highway.

    If you are having a hard time learning the proper road positioning, Our MR Driving School QLD suggests looking for safe driving tips like how to properly position your vehicle on the road or if you want to learn advance and practical driving techniques, find a qualified instructor who can guide and assist you in every step of your way. Also, one of the common things that you can do is to give hand signal whenever you’re about to change directions.

  5. Tailgating

    Some of the drivers fail to keep a proper distance between the vehicle in front of them. As a result, rear-end collision occurs. This bad driving habit happens when a motorist tries to put pressure on the other driver in front to hurry up. To avoid this, maintain a safe following distance. You should drive three seconds behind the vehicle in front.

  6. Not wearing a seat belt

    Seat belts play a vital role in reducing the severity of injuries when you accidentally hit a hard object. It will lessen the impact of facial or head injuries and will prevent you from being thrown out when you make a sudden stop. If you are the driver who doesn’t wear seat belts at all, it’s time to make a change. Buckle Up, someone is waiting for you!

  7. Not using your mirrors properly

    Mirrors are not just decorations in your vehicle. They are an important tool that will help you see a clear picture of your surroundings. Our MR Driving School QLD recommends ensuring that the mirrors are clean and in the right position. Take time to look at your mirrors and make sure that you completely see what’s happening on your back, left side, and right side.

  8.  Letting the tires get flat

    Keeping a good tire pressure is important for safety and vehicle’s performance as they are your main weapon when driving on the road. For some drivers, tires are the last thing that they check. Ideally, you should be checking your tire condition and pressure frequently. Make sure that they are properly inflated. Also, take a moment to look if there are bulges and cracks on your tires.

  9. Not looking for road hazards

    Some motorists do not look at the possible road hazards whilst driving. This is not a good driving practice as you will find it difficult to respond to road dangers. You should be scanning the road all the time and leave ample ‘space cushion’ on all sides of your vehicle.

  10.  Not turning your headlights on

    It is a common mistake that drivers do. These headlights are designed to provide maximum road visibility, especially at night. It is used to improve visibility during bad weather condition. Make sure that your head lights are working properly and clean.

    It is understandable that sometimes you make driving mistakes. But following the tips mentioned above will give you safe and free-flowing driving experience.


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