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Truck Driver Training NSW: How to Deal with Hassle Back Pain

Truck Driver Training NSW: Ways to Ease a Back Pain

Truck Driver Training NSW: How to Deal with Hassle Back Pain


Excruciating back pain after a long drive… Ring a bell?

Back pain is one of the common side effects of driving. Many truck drivers suffer back problems at some point in their lives. It can be a terrible experience as your spine continuous to vibrate and jolt.

If you have been experiencing back pain before, riding a truck vehicle for an hour or so is a challenging one. It can even worsen during a long trip of delivery, especially when your back is not supported adequately. When you are driving on a rugged surface, your spine will likely suffer from multiple rough movements. This will add strain to your spinal column.

Our Truck Driver Training NSW listed 10 easy steps to alleviate the pain:


I.  Make sure that the seat of your truck vehicle provides sufficient thigh support as it matters a lot when driving on a long distance.

II.  Our Truck Driving School Qld suggests conducting a regular test to identify how long you can do the driving before the pain arises. By doing this, you will know when to take a break or exercise before the pain begins.

III.  Make sure that you are seated comfortably. Our Truck Driver Training NSW recommends using a lumbar support cushion to avoid back pain. Lumbar support cushions will keep your hips aligned, improve your back posture and reduce lower back problems.

IV.  Take extra care when doing the loading and unloading. Heavy items can cause back pain. To avoid this, make sure to bend your knees every time you do the lifting.

V.  Try to flail your seat frequently. It will keep your back from moving often to avoid numbness on your strain.

VI. Another way to combat back pain is by having a full sleep and a good sleeping position.

A. If you are a side sleeper:

This sleeping position can cause back and hip pain because your legs move forward and the lower portion of your spine rotates. Truck Driver Training NSW advises to draw your legs up slightly towards your chest and place a pillow between your legs. Prefer a full body pillow because it is more comfortable.

B. If you are a back sleeper:

Sleeping on your back is known to be the best sleeping position because it supports your spine. To prevent back problems, Burleigh Driver Training School recommends to get a pillow and put it under your knees. It will allow your spine to keep its natural curve.

C. If you are a stomach sleeper:

For some drivers, this sleeping position brings stress on their back as their spine caves in. It also forces the lumbar curve of the lower back to be in flat position. To lessen your back ache, try putting a pillow under your lower abdomen and pelvis to give support on your back.

VII. As a truck driver, you are likely to encounter diverse road conditions. Bumps, rocky roads and potholes could be the worst part of your driving. Always bring a chair seat pillow because it will provide extra cushioning on your back.

VIII. If you are diagnosed to have back pain, bring an ice pack with you. Use an ice container and put it in the truck compartment. Most of the back pain is accompanied by inflammation. When back ache strikes while driving, stop at the most convenient place and apply the cold pack. The ice should be wrapped in a towel before applying it on your back to avoid wet floor. A cold compress should be applied for 10 minutes to lessen the pain and swelling.

IX. If you spend long hours on the road, especially during a hot weather, your body tends to lose a lot of fluid. Make sure that your body is well hydrated. This is an easy way to escape back pain. Drink at least one or two glasses of water every hour. It can help you in performing your tasks better because your muscles give you enough strength.

X. If you are driving with a porter, invite him to do some exercise. This will keep your back firm and healthy. It will reduce the chance of having a back pain. To strengthen your back and muscles, our Truck Driver Training NSW recommends doing regular exercise like lying your back on the floor using a mat or soft rug. Hold one thigh behind your knee and bend it. Do this for five minutes. If you are at a truck stop, try to do some jogging exercises.

For truck drivers, back pain can really put you out of the commission. Try to follow these helpful tips and let us know how you feel. If you have any suggestions, leave your comments below.

Let’s help each other, mate!

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