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Driving School Brisbane: How to Drive Safely in Hot Weather

Driving School Brisbane: Tips on How to Drive Safely During Hot Weather


Driving School Brisbane: How to Drive Safely in Hot Weather


Are you planning for a long drive this summer?

Driving on a scenic sunny day is one of the best experiences a truck driver could have. Imagine yourself being fascinated and wowed by the beauty of nature whilst feeling the warmth of the sun. An amazing feeling, indeed. But sometimes the light from the sun can be hazardous. The hot sun glare can shine directly into your eyes, which can affect your road visibility.

Sunlight can cause a huge problem to all truck drivers. Just after the sunrise, the glare of the sun can block your eyes leaving you blinded of the potential road hazards. As a truck driver, it is very important that you are scanning the road ahead to have enough time to respond.

So how can you make sure that you are driving safely during a hot sunny weather?

Our Driving School Brisbane compiled tips on how to drive safely on a sunny day:

Tip #1: Use a sunglass

The rays coming from the sun can damage your eyes. A sunglass is a safety tool when driving in a hot weather. Our Driving School Brisbane suggests using a polarised sunglass as this will cut down the glare massively and give you a much safer trip. Polarised sunglass has a built-in and laminated filter that allows vertical light rays to pass through, blocks the horizontal ray and reduces the sun glare.

Tip #2: Do not tailgate

As a truck driver, you should leave sufficient space between your truck and the vehicle in front of you. If you are driving too close to the vehicle ahead of you, the tendency is you cannot stop right away when the heat and glare of the sun go directly to your truck. Since you are tailgating, your road perceptibility will be reduced making your driving more dangerous.

Tip #3: Keep your windshield clean

The dust and grime on your windshield can obstruct the view of your surroundings. Maintain the cleanliness of your windshield by spraying a glass cleaner. Use a clean soft microfiber cloth to wipe the windshield upward and downward. Cleaning your windshield regularly will keep it in good working condition.

Tip #4: Check your tires prior to the delivery

During a hot weather, tires wear out easily since they are made up of rubber. Before heading out on the road, check the condition of your tires. Our Driving School Brisbane advises doing a tire pre-trip inspection and check if there is an irregular wear or a low tread problem. Make sure that your tires are properly inflated to avoid hazardous blowout. Inspect the air pressure and tire mounting of your truck every two hours or every 100 miles when driving in a hot season.

Tip #5: Fill the coolant system of your truck

During hot temperature, your truck can overheat quickly, especially when it does not have an enough water system. If the coolant of your vehicle is scorching hot, it can lead to some engine problem and in worst cases, a fire. Burleigh Driver Training School,  recommends taking the time to stop and checking the water temperature of your vehicle from time to time. Do not remove the radiator cap before it is cooled because it can cause injuries.

Tip #6: Avoid over speeding

Over speeding brings multiple risks to everyone’s lives. Driving fast during a hot weather demands high-performance from your vehicle tires and mechanical components. Thus, making your truck vulnerable to overheating and break down. To prevent it from happening, slow down and take frequent breaks to let the tires and system cool.

Tip #7: Drink plenty of water

Spending long hours on the road under the blistering sun can cause dehydration. Bring a gallon of water inside your truck and drink plenty of it regularly. Staying hydrated will help you avoid heat-related illnesses like heat exhaustion, cramps and stroke.

Tip #8: Slip, Slop, Slap

When doing the loading always remember the SLIP, SLOP, and SLAP to avoid too much sun exposure. Also, make sure you stay in a shaded area so the heat from the sun will not directly strike to your skin. This can avoid sunburn and skin cancer.

If your next delivery will be during a hot weather condition, following these friendly driving tips from our Driving School Brisbane can give you a smooth-flowing driving experience. Happy sunny driving!

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