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Driving School Tips: 5L’s to Avoid Road Hazards

Driving School Tips: How Can You Avoid Road Hazards


Driving School Tips: 5L’s to Avoid Road Hazards


How can you avoid road hazards especially when driving?

Driving large vehicles like trucks, buses and when towing a trailer can result in a higher risk of various road accidents. Commercial trucks are usually heavy and most of the trailers that you see are lengthy. Making it more difficult for a truck driver to view what’s going on behind the wheel.

There are a lot of reasons why people are getting involved in an accident. It can be a human error like drunk driving, lack of attention, or because of a fatigue. Improper truck loading is also one of the causes because some drivers don’t have a proper truck licence training. Road hazards can be a big factor because of these unanticipated circumstances. Drivers are not being aware of them.

Hazards are unavoidable. It’s an obstacle that you need to avoid. As a truck driver, part of your job is to make sure that you deliver the goods on time. You will face different road hazards that could be a hindrance to fulfilling your tasks properly. These may include; Pothole, Animals, Pedestrian Crossings, and Cyclists.

So how can you ensure your safety even if you’re driving a complex type of vehicle?

Burleigh Driver Training School listed several tips to avoid dangers while driving on the road:


  1. Look Closely At Your Surroundings

    Keep your eyes busy and Aim High. Make sure to scan the highway and always look on the roadside and check you mirrors. This will help you determine what’s going on around you. That way, you can have enough time to react to any possible danger. Avoid doing unnecessary actions that will steal your focus. Do not use your mobile phones instead give your full attention to driving. Use your mirrors to see if there’s a cyclists entering your way. Keep your windshield clean to have a clear view of your surroundings. Always maintain your visibility wherever you are.

  2. Lighten Up Your Mood

    If you’re about to drive, lightening your mood can vastly help you perform well. Be optimistic and try to calm yourself. This will promote a good atmosphere so when you face any road problem you can react easily. Driving requires extra patience. If you’re stressed, you tend to get angry and irritated. Take a deep breathe, focus on positive things, and meditate. It’s a good practice to release your tension and worries.

  3. Listen Carefully

    If you cannot avoid listening to a music while driving, make it sure that the volume is not too high. This will enable you to hear sounds like a vehicle horn, a car trying to overtake you, and emergency signals from an ambulance or a fire truck. Be alert to the potential danger that can come your way.

  4. Learn the Right Skills from a Legit Driving School

    A driving course can be a vital key that will improve your ability to avoid road hazards. They will teach you safe driving practices so you will know how to overcome emergency situations. A classroom lesson will be very beneficial as you will know how to response to real-life driving scenarios. It will also raise your safe driving awareness.

    If you were involved in a devastating accident before, you may feel that driving is not for you. Driving anxiety can arise. Instructors will provide helpful driving school tips to ensure your well-being.

  5. Leave a Space

    Always remember the three-second rule. Usually, a driving school suggests this to their students. You should maintain a safe following distance to avoid any vehicle collision. To do this, look for an object on the road such as tree, signage, or an overpass. Then, count 1 thousand one, 1 thousand two, and 1 thousand three. If you reach the item before completing the count, it means you’re following the other traffic too closely. It is very important that you’re following the three-second rule to have enough time if there are problems ahead of you.

    Truck drivers approaching the intersection should be extra cautious. Be watchful to possible threats that may cause a delay in your delivery. Following these tips from our driving school can give you a smooth-moving transport.


    Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/steve_easterbrook/

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