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Are you Learning to Drive with your Parents or an Instructor?



Learning to drive: Who is the Best Driving Teacher: Parents or Instructor?

Are you Learning to Drive with your Parents or an Instructor?


Most teenagers look forward to experience driving on their own once they reach the legal age for driving.  Most teenagers have their parents to teach them the basic do’s and don’ts of driving, while some chooses to seek professional training with a driving school and a qualified instructor.  Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. But learning to drive is not an easy task.


Having a parent to teach a teen to drive can save money and time compared to enrolling in a driving school.  However, some parents may not have as much time and patience required when teaching their child to drive.   There are also important technicalities that professional instructors know about driving especially when it comes to safety.


One of the reasons why teenagers who want to own a car and drive is to feel a greater sense of freedom. They consider themselves as mature individuals who can handle things such as driving.  Many teenagers beg their parents to teach them how to drive, while others prefer having a driving lesson in a legitimate driving organization like the Burleigh Driver Training School

In order to help you decide whether your parents or a driving instructor is best to teach you, here’s a number of significant differences between the training you may get from your parents or from the driving school.


Learning From Your Parents


  • Parents may feel that one of their responsibilities is to teach you how to drive and consider it as your bonding time
  • Parents will help you determine whether you are ready to start learning.
  • Parents can communicate deeper with you regarding your fears or expectations about driving on your own
  • Parents also know if you can handle stressful situations that you may encounter once you start training with them. Learning to drive requires a lot of patience, effort, and determination
  • Parents can provide emotional and mental support
  • You can save money  associated with enrolling in a professional driving school
  • You will be able to learn the basics of training and then apply it eventually once you decide to go in a training school
  • Can save effort and time especially the 200 hours required by a state
  • As you are the trainee, you can feel some confusion if your parents are teaching you the right things you need to learn before going on the road
  • Parents may lose focus, enthusiasm, and patience especially if they just came out of a hard day’s work
  • Parents may feel nervous when they are the passenger and their child is driving. Lack of trust and confidence can also be an issue


Learning from an Instructor


  • Acquired knowledge from a qualified, reliable and friendly instructor
  • Instructors have patience in understanding that teenagers are one of the most difficult students in the training area
  • Instructor will provide feedbacks for your continuous progress and will also give you support and encouragement
  • Instructors will help you refresh your mind with some of the road rules and traffic signs
  • Instructors will provide you some tips for safety driving
  • Instructors will help you understand the essence of getting the correct type of licence for you
  • Instructors will educate teens about bad habits to avoid when driving
  • Instructors uses current and modern vehicle for their training
  • Students who have busy schedules from school can still attend training because of flexible booking hours


Now that you know the benefits of each options has, it will be up to you to decide. You should understand how these benefits would weigh on how much you accept learning. You just have to take note that: “Learning how to drive is a huge responsibility.”


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