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Truck Driving School Brisbane: Top 6 Summer Road Hazards

Truck Driving School Brisbane: Top 6 Summer Road Hazards That You May Encounter


Truck Driving School Brisbane: Top 6 Summer Road Hazards

A bright, sunny day plus the hot glare from the sun… Can this get any worse?

These are just a few things that are considered hazardous for truck drivers. Every season presents its own road challenges and definitely summer time is not an exemption to this.

For some truck drivers, driving on a sunny weather is much more exciting. Imagine you are seeing a fascinating view while getting fresh air. Unfortunately, even in a warm condition, dry roads are filled with hazards.

Previously, our Truck Driving School Brisbane listed the top 5 winter road hazards. To keep you in the loop and ensure everyone’s safety, we have put together the top 6 summer road hazards to watch out for.

Top 6 Summer Driving Road Hazards compiled by our Truck Driving School Brisbane:

  1. Road Construction

    Major road construction projects usually occur during summer time. Curves and potholes on a repaved road can be dangerous. Our Truck Driving School Brisbane suggests slowing down your speed and look for road construction signage ahead. Avoid driving in an area near working equipment. You can also conduct a delivery road planning before heading out to avoid road construction places and look for an alternative route.

  2. Tire Blowouts

    Perhaps during summer time you will see a couple of trucks on the side of the road. Tire blowout cases increase during hot weather. Burleigh Driver Training School advises making sure that your tires are properly inflated and drive with a lower speed. If tires are not inflated correctly and you come into contact with a hot freeway asphalt, more likely your tires will break down easily.

  3. Drowsy Drivers

    Long summer trips combined with heavy loading and lifting can lead to driver’s fatigue. Exhaustion is one of the most common reasons of vehicular accidents. To ensure you are not causing a potential road hazard, our Truck Driving School Brisbane recommends taking frequent stops and look for a safe place to rest. Take a 15-minute nap to re-energize and stay awake longer. Check your delivery schedule ahead to ensure you have enough rest before going out on the road.

  4.  Glare of the Sun

    This road hazard may seem inevitable but you have ways on how to protect yourself from being blurry. The glare from the sun will be a threat factor for truck drivers. Your road vision can be obstructed causing a possible rear-end collision. Our Truck Licence Gold Coast School suggests washing your windshield regularly to avoid it from being dimmed. You can also use polarised sunglasses as it can help in reducing the glare of the sun.

  5.  More Cyclists

    During the sunny season, more bikers are out on the road. They seem to be everywhere. Thus, it can cause a higher risk of collision to other motorists. To avoid an accident, ensure the correct lane positioning and increase your road awareness of what’s happening around you. Anticipating a potential road hazard is also one of the best things that you can do.

  6.  Overheating Engines

    Vehicles overheat most often on a hot weather. Truck drivers tend to rely more on their air conditioning and coolant system. Burleigh Driver Training School recommends changing oil regularly and make sure that the coolant system of your vehicle is sufficient.

    Driving in supreme hot weather can be dangerous. Following these helpful tips will help you keep a cool head and enjoy the summer breeze. Have a Sunny Safe Driving, Mate!


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