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6 Benefits of Being a Professional Truck Driver

Perks of Being a Truck Driver, MR Licence

6 Benefits of Being a Professional Truck Driver


Many businesses nowadays depend on their truck drivers to deliver goods safely. They make sure that products are being delivered on time and maintain quality. They are the middlemen between the company, retailers and its customers.

Truck drivers have an important duty in the economy. By delivering raw materials to various manufacturing industries, companies can start producing and exporting their products to respective distributors through a trucks. It’s a continuous process that helps a country increase its finances by earning out of the local market.

Once an individual has decided to become a professional truck driver, some industries require them to undergo training at an accredited driving school. They will not only teach you the basics in driving, but will also help you identify the right licence for you. If you are a current Light Rigid Licence, (LR Licence) or a Medium Rigid Licence (MR Licence) holder professional instructors will have a better view if you’re ready to face a more competitive and challenging working environment.

Driving jobs are consistently growing within areas of Australia.  Offering a wide variety of driving opportunities, especially in the transport industry. If you’re thinking of a career change now or maybe in the future, there are numerous advantages of being a truck driver.

Burleigh Driver Training listed some of the benefits of being a professional truck driver:

1. Good Pay

If you’re just starting a career as a truck driver, your class licence will dictate how much salary you will be getting. Initial pay of $35,000 can be expected for beginners. Just make sure that you have obtained the right licence for the type of job you’re applying. It may be an Light Rigid Licence, or Medium Rigid Licence. For those drivers who have several years experience, they can expect a higher income up to $55,000.

2. Flexible Working Hours

One of the advantages of being a truck driver is they have the opportunity to attend family reunions, personal commitments and other individual obligations. They can start working early in the morning or work late as some companies allow employees to have a flexible working schedule as long as their work is not being compromised.

3. Seeing Beautiful Scenery

Travel with pay. One of the perks of being a driver is the chance to see the beauty of the nature. Fascinating view, eye-catching scenery, and breathe fresh air. This can give them a sense of relief.

4. Job Flexibility and Security

If you’re moving frequently, truck driving jobs allow you to work both interstate and intrastate. You can also choose what type of vehicle and truck you want to drive. It can also provide job security because of the high demand for drivers. A lot of companies need drivers for their continuous production and delivery.

5. Great Benefits

Most companies offer employees good benefits.  Big companies provide bonuses and other compensation as a reward for employees who excelled in their particular job.

6. Training Programs for Employees Growth

One of the greatest advantage of becoming a truck driver is the continuous learning. It is important for a driver to have a classroom lessons with a professional instructor. This can help them refresh their mind with different road signs, and government policies. Some business owners send their employees to a professional and qualified driving school to upgrade their skills, knowledge and the current licence they have. It gives an employee a chance for a promotion and go far with his driving career.

There are numerous driving jobs offering a competitive salary and benefits with a promise of a long-term growth and a career development. Like any other course, driving career has its own pros and cons. Just make sure you weigh in all of these factors.


Burleigh Driver Training School is wishing you the best of luck to your future driving career!

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