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HR Driving School Tips: How to Deal with Potholes

HR Driving School Tips: Burleigh Driver Training School


HR Driving School Tips: How to Deal with Potholes

Have you ever experienced slamming on your brake just to avoid a pothole?

Potholes appear like mushrooms, especially after a winter season. These holes vary in size and shape. They are caused by the contraction and expansion of ground water that seeps through cracks in the pavement.

Pothole is considered as one of the road hazards that can cause damage to your tires and metal wheels. Vehicle tires are always in contact with the road which put them in the front line of a pothole’s strike.

A driver usually swerves when they see a potential road hazard, but this practice is not a good option because you might lose control and possibly hit another object.

So, what will you do to if you see a pothole near you?

The Brisbane City Council issues a form to report any pothole that you will see in the Brisbane City Council Area. But aside from this, Burleigh Driver Training School came up with an idea of providing you safe driving practices.

Here are some safe driving tips from our HR Driving School on how to deal with potholes:

  1. Stay alert at all times

    Our HR Driving School suggests scanning the road ahead and increase your following distance behind the truck in front of you. As much as possible, avoid puddles of water because usually, it disguises the pothole.

    If you pay attention to the road, you will have a greater chance of spotting a pothole and a higher chance of steering clear and slowing down. Always remember that vision is the key.

  2. Keep your tires properly inflated

    Your tires are the most important protection between your vehicle and a pothole. Make sure that they are properly inflated and have ample tread depth. Tires that are properly inflated hold up better against potholes.

  3. Have a clean windshield

    The best way to increase your visibility whilst driving is to make sure that the windshield is clean and clear. It will protect you from any debris on the road that can harm you.  High road visibility will give you enough time to brake when you see a dangerous pothole.

  4. Slow down

    Drive at a lower speed, especially when you are driving on a rough road. If you see an unavoidable pothole, our HR Driving School recommends pulling your vehicle in the most convenient place. Make sure to do it gradually to avoid any accident. Driving slowly can also reduce the risk of damage to your tires, wheel, alignment, and suspension because it lessens the impact when you accidentally hit a pothole.

  5. Use your rear-view mirror

    Mirrors are used to visualize the surroundings. This will help you in spotting a potential road hazard like a pothole. Burleigh Driver Training School advises checking your rear-view mirror before hitting the brakes. Make sure that you straighten your vehicle’s wheel before going over a pothole.

    If you’ve experienced hitting a pothole before, how did you handle it? Tell us about your worst pothole experience.

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