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HC Driving School Brisbane: Top 5 Holiday Road Hazards

HC Driving School Brisbane: Top 5 Holiday Road Hazards


HC Driving School Brisbane: Top 5 Holiday Road Hazards

Yes! The holiday season is fast approaching. Are you ready for the holiday rush?

Christmas is considered as one of the most celebrated holidays in Australia. Many employers are giving their workers some quality time to spend with their families and to feel the spirit of the holidays. However, Christmas is also one of the busiest times of the year.

Sometimes, drivers do not give much attention to the possible road hazards that the holiday season may bring. They do not show the same level of responsibility. Drivers must realize that driving during the holiday periods can be more dangerous because of the poor road visibility, tiredness, and drowsiness. One wrong move and you will find yourself driving in a parlous predicament.

Perhaps, the best thing that you can do to avoid any accidents is scanning the road ahead and look for the possible holiday road hazards.

Listed by our HC Driving School Brisbane, Here are the Top 5 Holiday Road Hazards


  1. Traffic Congestion

    The chances of getting into an accident during holiday periods are much higher compared to some regular days. The reason for this is the anticipated traffic congestion. The number of travellers and passengers increases during the holidays making the road more congested. Usually, you will see drivers crawling on certain roads bumping with another motorist. Our HC Driving School Brisbane suggests planning ahead and avoid driving at busy times, especially between 10am to 5pm. You can also look for some traffic update and travel information before heading out on the road.

  2. Parties and Events

    During the holidays, expect more parties and events. For many people, this is a festive and celebratory days. This is considered to be a road hazard as some drivers find it hard to look for parking spaces. You will also see bunches of people walking around the street, dancing, and shouting. To avoid any vehicle collision, our HC Driving School Brisbane recommends doubling your effort in scanning the road. If you need to make a turn, look for some vehicles that are parked anywhere.

  3.  Impaired Driving

    As a result of holiday events and boozy parties, many drivers are impaired by alcohol, too. The advent of the holiday will also give the drivers the opportunity to bond with their families and friends. Whether it’s a beer, a wine or a tequila, it will have an impact to your body like sleepiness, reduce road perceptibility, and poor decision making. There are many HC Driving School Brisbane that emphasizes the dangers of drunk driving. Instead of drinking alcoholic beverages, Burleigh Driver Training School advises trying some sparkling or carbonated drinks.

  4. Construction Areas

    Driving on a well-kept road is very important during the holidays. However, construction zones are unavoidable. Pay attention to the road for possible debris, potholes, and uneven surface. Increase your following distance and allot enough time to stop.

  5. Animals

    Amid the occasions, you will see kangaroos and wallabies crossing the street. You are likely to encounter these animals at dawn and dusk. If you see them coming your way, slow down because they are unpredictable and capricious. Let the animals pass before you start driving. Also, animals that accidentally crossed the street during holidays may cause traffic.

    Christmas is known to be the most wonderful time of the year. So, this holiday season, check this list to stay safe out wherever you are.

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MR Driving School QLD: 10 Common Faults When Driving

MR Driving School QLD Burleigh Driver Training School


MR Driving School QLD:  10 Common Faults When Driving

When asked about their driving mistakes, some of the drivers will say;

“He’s not looking on his way!”

“She came out of nowhere!”

“I didn’t notice him coming!”

“They haven’t seen me yet!”

Instead of looking for root causes, some of the drivers tend to look for things to blame when an unwanted accident happens. But did you try asking yourself; is it really his fault? or maybe I am just careless with the way I drive?

As a truck driver, if you have successfully obtained your truck licence training and passed your driving test,  it is very important that you still remember the fundamental things you shouldn’t be doing whilst driving on the road.

Our MR Driving School QLD listed the top 10 most common driving mistakes:


  1. Lack of attention to the road

    Some of the drivers are not giving much attention to the road. To avoid any minor scrapes, Our MR Driving School QLD advises paying attention to the road whilst driving. This means you should avoid using your mobile phones for texting, calling or reading, especially whilst behind the wheel. Driving is not also a good time to listen to loud music.

  2. Over speeding

    Aside from getting a ticket for over speeding, it may also cause fatal crashes and serious injuries. The faster you drive, the greater the impact when you hit a road hazard. Our MR Driving School QLD suggests looking for speed limit signs and follow traffic rules.

  3. Drink Driving

    Driving requires extreme focus and attentiveness. You must be able to make quick decisions and react to sudden changes in your environment. Vehicular accidents happen because some of the drivers do not give their full concentration to the road. They feel drowsy and their road perception is very low. Burleigh Driver Training School says; Be a responsible drinker and avoid drinking alcohol, especially when getting behind the wheel.

  4. Improper road turns

    Some of the drivers are guilty of improper road turns. An example of this is when a driver wants to make a right turn and it is not made as close as possible to the right curb or even on the edge of the highway.

    If you are having a hard time learning the proper road positioning, Our MR Driving School QLD suggests looking for safe driving tips like how to properly position your vehicle on the road or if you want to learn advance and practical driving techniques, find a qualified instructor who can guide and assist you in every step of your way. Also, one of the common things that you can do is to give hand signal whenever you’re about to change directions.

  5. Tailgating

    Some of the drivers fail to keep a proper distance between the vehicle in front of them. As a result, rear-end collision occurs. This bad driving habit happens when a motorist tries to put pressure on the other driver in front to hurry up. To avoid this, maintain a safe following distance. You should drive three seconds behind the vehicle in front.

  6. Not wearing a seat belt

    Seat belts play a vital role in reducing the severity of injuries when you accidentally hit a hard object. It will lessen the impact of facial or head injuries and will prevent you from being thrown out when you make a sudden stop. If you are the driver who doesn’t wear seat belts at all, it’s time to make a change. Buckle Up, someone is waiting for you!

  7. Not using your mirrors properly

    Mirrors are not just decorations in your vehicle. They are an important tool that will help you see a clear picture of your surroundings. Our MR Driving School QLD recommends ensuring that the mirrors are clean and in the right position. Take time to look at your mirrors and make sure that you completely see what’s happening on your back, left side, and right side.

  8.  Letting the tires get flat

    Keeping a good tire pressure is important for safety and vehicle’s performance as they are your main weapon when driving on the road. For some drivers, tires are the last thing that they check. Ideally, you should be checking your tire condition and pressure frequently. Make sure that they are properly inflated. Also, take a moment to look if there are bulges and cracks on your tires.

  9. Not looking for road hazards

    Some motorists do not look at the possible road hazards whilst driving. This is not a good driving practice as you will find it difficult to respond to road dangers. You should be scanning the road all the time and leave ample ‘space cushion’ on all sides of your vehicle.

  10.  Not turning your headlights on

    It is a common mistake that drivers do. These headlights are designed to provide maximum road visibility, especially at night. It is used to improve visibility during bad weather condition. Make sure that your head lights are working properly and clean.

    It is understandable that sometimes you make driving mistakes. But following the tips mentioned above will give you safe and free-flowing driving experience.


    Photo by: http://bit.ly/2fTQfot

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HR Driving School Tips: How to Deal with Potholes

HR Driving School Tips: Burleigh Driver Training School


HR Driving School Tips: How to Deal with Potholes

Have you ever experienced slamming on your brake just to avoid a pothole?

Potholes appear like mushrooms, especially after a winter season. These holes vary in size and shape. They are caused by the contraction and expansion of ground water that seeps through cracks in the pavement.

Pothole is considered as one of the road hazards that can cause damage to your tires and metal wheels. Vehicle tires are always in contact with the road which put them in the front line of a pothole’s strike.

A driver usually swerves when they see a potential road hazard, but this practice is not a good option because you might lose control and possibly hit another object.

So, what will you do to if you see a pothole near you?

The Brisbane City Council issues a form to report any pothole that you will see in the Brisbane City Council Area. But aside from this, Burleigh Driver Training School came up with an idea of providing you safe driving practices.

Here are some safe driving tips from our HR Driving School on how to deal with potholes:

  1. Stay alert at all times

    Our HR Driving School suggests scanning the road ahead and increase your following distance behind the truck in front of you. As much as possible, avoid puddles of water because usually, it disguises the pothole.

    If you pay attention to the road, you will have a greater chance of spotting a pothole and a higher chance of steering clear and slowing down. Always remember that vision is the key.

  2. Keep your tires properly inflated

    Your tires are the most important protection between your vehicle and a pothole. Make sure that they are properly inflated and have ample tread depth. Tires that are properly inflated hold up better against potholes.

  3. Have a clean windshield

    The best way to increase your visibility whilst driving is to make sure that the windshield is clean and clear. It will protect you from any debris on the road that can harm you.  High road visibility will give you enough time to brake when you see a dangerous pothole.

  4. Slow down

    Drive at a lower speed, especially when you are driving on a rough road. If you see an unavoidable pothole, our HR Driving School recommends pulling your vehicle in the most convenient place. Make sure to do it gradually to avoid any accident. Driving slowly can also reduce the risk of damage to your tires, wheel, alignment, and suspension because it lessens the impact when you accidentally hit a pothole.

  5. Use your rear-view mirror

    Mirrors are used to visualize the surroundings. This will help you in spotting a potential road hazard like a pothole. Burleigh Driver Training School advises checking your rear-view mirror before hitting the brakes. Make sure that you straighten your vehicle’s wheel before going over a pothole.

    If you’ve experienced hitting a pothole before, how did you handle it? Tell us about your worst pothole experience.

Truck Driver School QLD: Spring Weather Safe Driving Tips

Truck Driver School QLD



Truck Driver School QLD: Spring Weather Safe Driving Tips

Now that winter weather is finally over and Spring season is just around the corner, are you ready for your next trip?

Springtime means days are dry but it can be windy at the same time. As Spring approaches, it is imperative that you adjust your driving based on the weather condition.

Make sure that you are prepared for any road condition. Previously, our Truck Driver School QLD listed numerous tips on how to drive safely on a winter weather.

Spring may be warmer but it does not mean that the roads are safer for truck drivers. It can make your driving more difficult because of the road hazards. There are three road hazard conditions that roll over from Winter to Spring.

To keep you safe on the road, Burleigh Driver Training School listed important tips when driving on a spring weather:

  1. Increase your following distance

    Maintaining a safe following distance is by far one of the easiest things that a truck driver can do but often refused to. During Spring, our Truck Driver School QLD suggests increasing the distance between your truck and the vehicle you are following. You should drive at least 3-5 seconds behind the vehicle. This will give you enough room to stop if unwanted circumstances happen.

  2. Watch out for potholes

    Usually, after Winter comes Spring. Our Truck Driver School QLD advises looking for some potholes on the roadway that are formed because of the contraction and expansion of ground water. These little cracks are known to be a road annoyance. It can cause tire puncture, dents and leaks.

  3.  Drive Slowly

    Warm weather brings more children and cyclists on the road. You are likely to see children playing and running in the pedestrian. Cyclists typically accelerate faster and appear out of nowhere. To ensure your safety, Burleigh Driver Training School recommends slowing down and pay attention in busy streets and school zones. This will also give you ample time when the vehicle in front of you suddenly change direction.

  4.  Look for a weather update

    Before heading out on the road, it is important to know the weather condition of your destination. Our Truck Driver School QLD suggests checking the road condition to avoid any possible danger. This can give you an idea if you need to use a different route to avoid unnecessary delay. Always bring an emergency kit with you for a safe journey.

  5.   Stay alert for animals

    Some animals become active during Spring. Due to the warm weather, plants grow faster providing more foods for the animals. Truck drivers should be wary of kangaroos taking a hop, cows crossing, wallabies or a cassowary passing the road. These animals can cause a lower road visibility.

  6. Check your tires

    Before doing the trip, our Truck Driver School QLD recommends checking your tires and making sure that they are properly inflated. During warm weather, tires tend to lose air easily. It causes a poor gas mileage and blow out as well as affects vehicle handling. You can go to the nearest gasoline station for tire inspection.Spring weather presents its own road challenges. Following these safe driving tips can help you feel more comfortable and safer whilst doing the delivery.

    Spring is here. Remember to drive safely.

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Truck Driving School: Construction Zones Safety Tips

Truck Driving School Burleigh Driver Training School


Truck Driving School: Top 5 Construction Zones Safety Tips

You have seen orange barrels and cones whilst driving on the road, what will you do?

Most of the truck drivers feel anxious when they see an orange work zone signage. Heavy traffic, bumpy roads, and busy workers make construction zones a worst nightmare.

According to Work Cover Queensland, drivers and machinery operators are 4 times more likely to be injured compare to other agricultural workers. There are 9000 overall workplace injuries in construction a year, that affects one in every 20 construction workers. One in every 50 workers suffers a serious injury. Unfortunately, work zones are unavoidable, especially when you are behind the wheel.

So what are the important things to keep in mind when driving in a work zone?

Our Truck Driving School listed useful tips on how to stay safe in construction zones:

  1. Avoid distractions

    Our Truck Driving School suggests avoiding using your mobile device and other forms of distracted driving like eating, smoking or reading. Construction zones are sometimes unpredictable causing accidents to happen all the time. If you really need to access your phone, it is best to pull over. Also, give your full attention to driving and stay vigilant.

  2. Leave ample space between cars and trucks

    Every time that you will enter a construction zone, it is very important to increase your following distance. To avoid any rear-end collision, leave enough room between cars and trucks in front of you. Make sure to give a clear head. Our Truck Driving School recommends avoiding tailgating. Doing so can give you ample time when a truck in front of you suddenly stops.

  3.  Stay calm and pay attention

    Construction zones can be a major inconvenience for truck drivers. Instead of getting stressed and frustrated, Burleigh Driver Training School advises calming down and do not rush. Work zones test your patience so you have to be attentive to any possible danger.

  4.  Obey work zones signage

    Obey posted speed limits. In some cases, you need to drive slower than the speed limits if weather conditions and heavy traffic occurs. Construction signs are usually orange in colour and relatively straight forward. Thus, it will warn you of the possible road hazards. These may include; bumps, dips, uneven pavements, and working men. Be watchful for these signs to avoid truck crashes.

  5.  Plan ahead

    As a truck driver, it is essential to know your driving routes before heading out on the road. Our Truck Driving School recommends leaving early in the office so you can arrive at your destination on time. Construction zones cause a delay so have to look for alternative routes.

    Most of the motorists look at the construction sites as an inconvenience. But in the long run, these roads and sites can be very beneficial.

    Drive safely at your destination by following these construction zone driving tips.

    So when was the last time that you encountered a construction road sign? Share with us what did you do to avoid a hassle delay on your delivery.

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Truck Driving Licence QLD: Top 5 Truck Drivers’ Workout

Truck Driving Licence QLD Burleigh Driver Training School

Truck Driving Licence QLD: Top 5 Truck Drivers’ Workout

“The worst workout is the one that you did not do.”

Do you exercise before driving? How often do you do it?

Perhaps most of you will say, “I want to but I cannot find time,” or “I like to but I do not know what to do.”

Being part of a truck driving industry offers lots of benefits but the downside is how hard it is to stay healthy. Driving for long hours is dangerous to your health, especially when combined with sleep deprivation, fatigue and minimum physical exercise.

Sitting for longs hours has previously been identified by the Mayo Clinic with a number of health concerns, including metabolic syndrome, obesity and heart disease. The worst part is that it can also increase the danger of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Exercise is one of the best things that you can do to stay healthy and fit. Truck drivers need physical exercise to keep their body strong and to continue functioning even at peak condition.

Get inspired to exercise by following these truck drivers’ workout:

  1. Kettlebell exercise

    A kettlebell exercise is one of the best options that you can do as a truck driver. This will only take barely any space at all. Thus, it is a perfect companion for truckers who usually spend long stretches on the road. Our Truck Driving Licence QLD suggests checking your current fitness level first before doing the exercise. Start with just a few pounds or try a kettlebell with 20 pounds. Combine swinging motions with twists and leg exercises. This can help in burning fat quickly and for your muscle build. You can also do squats, crunches, and overhead presses using a kettlebell.

  2. Planking exercise

    Planking is a helpful exercise for truck drivers whilst taking a break from driving. It can strengthen your arm, back, leg muscles and core. Thus, it has a great side effect of reducing back pain. Our Truck Driving Licence QLD advises looking for a safe place before doing this exercise. Start planking by bending on your hands and knees. Lift your knees on the ground and push your feet back for full body extension.

  3. Dumbbell exercise

    The dumbbell is known to be a hassle-free equipment exercise. You do not need a massive space to perform this workout. Our Truck Driving Licence QLD recommends finding a good weight that fits your ability to lift. Take note that if the weight of the dumbbell is getting light it means you need to do more repetitions. To do this, stand up straight whilst holding the dumbbell in each hand and curl the dumbbells up. Repeat this as much as you can.

  4. Jogging or Walking

    These are two of the most effective ways for truck drivers to stay fit and healthy. It promotes strong bones and muscles. This will vastly improve your ability to carry heavy products, especially when loading. Start with walking, then increase its intensity by jogging. Do it for 30 minutes per session. Burleigh Driver Training School recommends bringing a bottled water with you before heading out and always stay hydrated.

  5. Jumping Rope exercise

    This exercise is known to increase your heart rate. Jumping rope exercise is a light cardio training and does not require much space. You can practically bring it with you every time you do the delivery. Our Truck Driving Licence QLD suggests choosing the best jump rope routine for you. You can do the following:

    2-minute single-leg jumps:

    jump continuously on your one leg for 30 seconds. Repeat it on one leg for 30 seconds.

    2-minute double-leg jumps:

    Make sure your feet are not pounding the ground and your chest stays lifted. Jump for 30 seconds as fast as possible.

    Follow these simple steps to maintain a good body posture. Take note that warming up and cooling down are important for a good workout experience.

    What is your favourite pre-driving exercise workout? Share it with us and let’s achieve a heathier body together.

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