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Truck Driving Licence

Skills That a Truck Driver Must Have

Skills That a Truck Driver Must Have Burleigh Driver Training School

Skills That a Truck Driver Must Have

Do you have what it
takes to become a professional truck driver?

Being a truck driver requires tremendous skills and strength to perform your duties well. These skills cannot be acquired overnight. You need to exert utmost effort to become a competent truck driver. People who really wanted to be part of a driving industry obtain a training from a driving school.

The career of a truck driver is very interesting and rewarding. There are a lot of reasons why a truck driver is considered as a good profession.  Previously, Burleigh Driver Training School listed some of the benefits of being a professional driver. Great pay is given to drivers who have spent a good few years driving on the road. Extensive training is also provided as you need to pass a truck licence test.

Some companies are looking for applicants who possess a commendable driving experience. While other corporate industries consider skills more than experience.

Now if you’re ready to become a trucker, here are the following skills that you need to have:


  1. Being Independent

You should have the ability to work on your own. This job requires you to be independent as you’re responsible for transferring goods without the help of other people. There are a number of driving roles that require to work at night. There are also some instances where you have to deal with difficult situations. This may include; engine problems, damaged tires, and wheels, or a dragging clutch. That’s why it’s very important that you know how to operate various trucks. Motivating yourself can be a great help to stay awake and accomplish your tasks effectively.


  1. Cares About The Safety

Drivers should care about his loads and delivery. You should be able to carry and deliver the goods properly. That way, you can earn the trust of your employer because you’re able to transport the products on time and maintain its quality. Conduct a pre-vehicle inspection to avoid unnecessary delay of delivery. Post-Trip Inspection is also needed to know if there’s any defect in your vehicle. Being pro-active is one of the qualities that trucking companies look for a driver.

One of the ways to secure your safety is by having a truck licence training from an accredited driving school. You will learn different road rules and regulations of your current State. You will also know the safe following distance to prevent any accidents. Always remember, roads have a diverse size. That’s why you need to be prepared in any road conditions.


  1. Keen With Details and Records

You must know how to keep records such as receipt, invoice, log books and any transactions made during the time of the delivery. All the logs should fill out correctly to prevent any conflict with the regulators. Your job will be done accordingly and effectively by following this. You can also get a good impression from your company because of your good deeds.


  1. Physically and Mentally Fit

You are responsible for loading and unloading the truck that’s why you have to be physically and mentally fit. Part of your task is to carry heavy products so maintaining a good posture can vastly help you perform well. To be mentally fit, you have to leave your personal problems at home so you won’t get distracted. You are capable of making quick decisions which are vital, especially when driving.


  1. Excellent Communication Skills

Good communication skill are like oil that keeps your tasks running smoothly. Since you’re representing your company each time you do the transport, it is essential that you have this skill. You have to transmit correct information to avoid any confusion. Answering phone calls can be part of your task so you have to speak in a nice way. Avoid being rude as it can give a bad impression to the company you work for. You also need to have an interpersonal skills because you will be meeting a lot of people inside and outside the office. You can start building a harmonious working relationship by doing so.


  1. Knowledge in Mechanical Work

As a driver, you are going to spend long hours driving on the road. Sometimes, trucks are being overused so you cannot prevent any defects. You must know how to do some maintenance repair. You can save a lot of time and your job won’t be compromised.

To know numerous safety driving standards, some truckers are obtaining a lesson from a driving school. Aside from getting a Medium Rigid Truck Licence, or a Heavy Rigid Truck Licence, they will learn helpful lesson and tips to meet the truck compliance. A truck licence training will also give you a thorough understanding of each truck that you will operate.

For the aspiring truck drivers, obtaining these skills can make you feel more confident individually and professionally. Hope these following tips can work to your advantage. We are wishing you the best of luck in your driving career.

Winning the School Mum Challenge



How to Drive Safely in School Zones by Burleigh Driver Training School


Winning the School Mum Challenge by Burleigh Driver Training School

Do you feel anxious when you hear the bell of the school year?

It only means that a lot of changes may happen on the road.

The massive amount of traffic during pick up times and drop off, combined with possible road hazards can really add up to the stress that truck drivers may feel.

Burleigh Driver Training School has prepared some ways to avoid hitting a child while driving:

       Reduce Driving Speed

  • According to the NSW Department of Education, speed limits near or within school zone area should be reduced to 40km/h, between 8am to 9:30am and 2:30pm to 4pm.
  • Truck drivers should follow traffic rules and speed limit to avoid vehicle collision.
  • It will also give you enough time to stop when a kid is crossing the highway.

    Avoid Any Distractions

  •  Always keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes scanning the road.
  •  Avoid any distractions such as loud music, or using your mobile phones.

     Expect Heavy Traffic

  • When passing school zone, you must expect large traffic volume as parents are sending their children to school as early as seven in the morning.
  •  Traffic congestion usually occurs at around 4pm.
  •  To avoid a delay in your delivery, allow for increase travel time.

    Be Aware of Cyclists

    Truck drivers should be aware of different road hazards. This means:

  •  Look out for cyclists at all times. You will see them coming from different driveways as well as riding along the road so you have to stay alert.
  •  On a road with a 60 kph speed limit, you must leave a 1 meter space.
  •  On a road with a speed limit above 60 kph, you must leave a 1.5-meter space between your truck vehicle and the cyclist.
  •  Keep scanning your side mirrors to see cyclists around you.

    Obey Traffic Laws

  •  Sometimes, truck drivers are in a rush to deliver their goods on time. This is not an excuse to disobey school zone traffic signs.
  •  Following road signs will help you reduce the chance of getting into an accident.This Infographic presentation was designed to help you drive safely in a congested area like a school zone.
  • Burleigh Driver Training School wants to remind everyone to stay vigilant and keep these helpful tips in mind.Take it easy, drivers!  


Real Men Drive Trucks

Truck Licence Gold Coast Burleigh Driver Training School


Real Men Drive Trucks


Looking for a better paying driving job or a career change?  Need to upgrade a current Truck Licence? Not sure if your driving skills are enough to pass the practical?

Today we outline the classes of heavy vehicle licences, the restrictions and opportunities.

It is essential to have the correct truck licence for the job you are going after. Getting the right training and building a solid foundation of driving skills, is the best way to become a competent driver.

The skillset and restrictions vary from licence to licence.  We cover off those at the bottom of each licence type.

Types of Truck Licence:


1. Medium Rigid Truck Licence

  • Far less restrictive than an LR Licence.
  • Includes all vehicles covered by a LR Licence.
  • You are licenced drive vehicles over 8t GVM with a maximum of 2 axles.
  • An MR Licence  will get you into the driver’s seat of most local delivery trucks and standard buses.
  • Prerequisites:
  • Hold a Class C Drivers Licence for at least 1 year.
  • Pass the MR knowledge test
  • Pass an eyesight test
  • Successfully complete HVCBA, or pass a Roads and Maritime driving test.


2. Heavy Rigid Truck Licence

  • Includes all vehicles covered by a MR Licence.
  • Allows you to drive rigid trucks and buses over 8T GVM with 3 or more axles.
  • The HR Licence is the big brother of the MR Licence where you can drive double decker and bendy busses, dual axel tippers and large rigid vehicles.
  • Prerequisites:
  • Hold a Class C Drivers Licence for at least 2 years or a MR Licence for at least one year.
  • Pass the HR knowledge test
  • Pass an eyesight test
  • Successfully complete HVCBA, or pass a Roads and Maritime driving test.


3. Heavy Combination Truck Licence

  • Includes all the vehicles covered by the HR Licence.
  • Allows you to drive articulated trucks and buses over 8T GVM with 3 or more axles, simply a Semi Trailer.
  • You can drive prime movers with a single trailer, floats, semi-trailers, low loaders, pig trailers or trucks and dogs.
  • Any towed trailer with a GVM of more than 9T GVM.
  • Prerequisites:
  • Hold a class MR or HR Licence or equivalent for one year or more.
  • Pass the HC knowledge test
  • Pass an eyesight test
  • Successfully complete HVCBA, or pass a Roads and Maritime driving test.


4. Multi Combination Truck Licence

  • Includes all the vehicles covered by the HC
  • It is the highest Truck Licence available and is for Road Trains and B Doubles.
  • This is a course based licence and without holding your HR or HC Licence for at least 12 months you cannot apply.
  • Prerequisites:
  • Hold a class HR or HC Licence or equivalent for at least one year.
  • Pass an MC knowledge test
  • Pass an eyesight test
  • Successfully complete HVCBA. If you hold an HR licence, you’ll need to pass an HC assessment before you can start MC training
  • Pass a medical examination.


Obtaining a Heavy Vehicle Truck Licence opens you up to a new range of employment opportunities. Or maybe you are looking to upgrade a current licence.

Are you ready to get started? Choose the right truck licence for you.

For more information about truck licence, go here: https://www.burleighdrivertraining.com.au/overview/

5 Reasons Why Driver Training Can Save Your Life

5 Reasons Why Driving School Can Save Your Life by Burleigh Driver Training School


5 Reasons Why Driver Training Can Save Your Life

One of the most important factors to achieve road safety is having a quality and defensive driver training. Some drivers believe that applying basic driving skills can keep them from any accident. But the challenge is, how would you react to various road situations that may pose an increased risk of an accident?

Tailgating, driving in bad weather and other road users are some of the challenges that you may encounter as you drive.  These bad driving circumstances put you at great risk. So, what are your best defences against these?

A good driver training program can help minimise your chance of an accident and will help you be aware of the potential road hazards. How?

Truck Driving School Gold Coast has compiled several reasons why undertaking driver training can save your life:

1. A Driving School will enhance the skills that you currently have. They will help you assess the things that you need to improve on. They will help you improve your skills driving in diverse road conditions and be more aware when behind the wheel. They can also provide some refresher courses to make sure that your abilities and knowledge won’t go stale with time.

2. By obtaining a driving lesson, you will learn how to drive safely when you encounter an unfamiliar environment. This includes driving on a narrow roads, slippery roads, or in on hills. These unexpected situations can affect your driving dynamic that’s why it is very important to learn the best driving techniques for these conditions.

3. The Driving School will teach you how to properly position your vehicle on the road to make sure that you won’t hit another vehicle. Improper lane positioning can result to serious injury and vehicle accident. A major contributor to motor vehicle accidents is tailgating. A driving school will teach you the correct following distance and how to protect that your following distance.

4. Proper sitting position might sound basic for you but most drivers do not sit correctly and don’t know how to hold the wheel properly.  This simple gesture has a huge impact on your driving. You will learn proper vehicle handling, correct hand positioning and safe parking techniques.

5. Being aware of other road users and planning your driving is the basis of defensive driving. This includes scanning your mirrors and aiming high and looking as far down the road as possible. Look left and right at every intersection to ensure no other vehicle is coming even if you have a green light.

Even if you are an experienced driver, there could be some elements of your driving where you could improve. By undertaking training you will improve your skills, you will be ready to face any challenge that will happen along the way.


Driver Training QLD: How to Be a More Confident Driver

Driver Training QLD Tips How to Be a Confident Driver


Driver Training QLD: How to Be a More Confident Driver

In scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you when driving on the road?

Sometimes, even if you had enough practice and passed the driving lessons successfully, you still feel less confident driving on your own. But this should not be a major problem as some Driver Training QLD schools will help you feel safer when driving in any road condition.

Some drivers only feel confident when driving on a straight road. It means less traffic, no more hazards and steady speed limit. But remember that this is not always the case. You may experience driving in a congested area which can be frustrating.

If you are one of the drivers who tend to feel less confident when getting behind the wheel, here are some simple ways on how to get your confidence going:

6 Tips To Become a More Confident Driver:

  1. Choose the right driving instructor

    When learning how to drive, it is very crucial that you choose the right trainer who will help you assess the things that you need to improve on. It could be how to drive on roundabouts, safe parking tips and obtaining the correct type of licence that will suit your current needs.

    Our Driver Training School suggests considering having a professional driving instructor that will assist you one on one in training and will help you overcome the fear of driving.

  2. Learn how to park

    A lot of drivers, especially teenagers learn to drive in a spacious parking lot. This practice enables you to learn to manoeuvre your vehicle without worrying too much about hitting another motorist.  Thus, giving you more confidence when driving on a long distance.

  3. Practice driving gradually

    Once you begin driving on your own, our Driver Training QLD School suggests doing it gradually. Try to give yourself enough time in learning simple driving exercises like good weather or daytime driving without taking any passengers with you. Driving is a complex process and mastering the basics of driving can boost your confidence.

  4. Learn how to drive in any weather condition

    To keep your confidence in progress, you need to be prepared to drive in all sorts of weather. Extreme road conditions can make a huge difference in your normal driving. To ensure your safety, look for helpful weather tips and follow some driving precautions.

  5. Have some ‘refresher’ lessons with a driving instructor

    Take some refresher sessions with a qualified trainer to get your confidence going. Even if you have obtained your licence few years ago, it’s a good idea to opt a refresher and identify some bad driving habits.

    You can also ask your instructor to guide you in certain areas that you think you’re not confident enough.

  6. Turn off the music

    Listening to loud songs whilst driving can cause distraction. Instead of keeping the volume high, prefer playing quiet and calming music in the background that will make you feel more peaceful and comfortable.

    It can take a lot of effort and practice to be more confident behind the wheel. Following these helpful tips can help you become more comfortable in driving any kind of vehicle.

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Truck Driving School: Top 5 Bad Driving Habits

Truck Driving School


Truck Driving School:  Top 5 Bad Driving Habits

Have you ever wondered what are the bad driving habits that could possibly lead to an accident?

Some drivers are becoming overconfident and they start to develop bad driving habits. Just because you are driving for so a long time, doesn’t mean that you can take safety for granted.

Driving a vehicle is not as easy as it may seem. You need to have complete control over your vehicle to avoid any collision. But sometimes, drivers forget that they are sharing the road with another motorist and develop some bad driving habits.

Our Truck Driving School has listed the 5 Bad Driving Habits that you might be doing:

 1. Talking to someone over the phone

Although the Queensland Government has restricted the use of mobile phones whilst driving, some drivers continue making and receiving phone calls behind the wheel. The more you use your mobile phone, the higher the chance of getting into an accident.  Truck driving school stresses the dangers of using mobile phones whilst driving and becoming distracted.

2. Not using your turn signal

If you don’t use your turn signal to indicate what you are going to do, how can you expect other drivers to know what you are doing? Failing to use a turn signal is one of the most common bad driving habits. Anticipating what other drivers will do is a huge factor in avoiding crashes.

3. Cutting other vehicles off

Driving in front of another vehicle without leaving enough distance is considered as a bad driving habit. It increases the risk of being hit from behind, especially when the driver is not giving the road full attention.

 4. Ignoring speed limits

You will always see this notice from different truck driving schools: the faster you drive, the longer for you to stop. Thus, less control of your vehicle. Some of the motorists tend to forget the importance of following speed limit in specific areas like in a school zone. Burleigh Driver Training School believes that obeying the speed limit will help avoid hitting another motorist and road hazards as it gives you more time to react.

5. Driving too close

Following another vehicle too close is a risky move. There is a higher chance of getting involved in a rear-end collision as you will not have enough space to stop your truck. Make sure you leave sufficient space when driving on the road. Burleigh Driver Training School recommends a following distance of three to five seconds behind another vehicle.

How many of you are guilty of these bad habits?

Can you change your driving to eliminate these bad driving habits?

We want to hear from you of any bad driving habits that annoy you.

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